One Quirk Later #17~ In Which We Are Thankful Not To Be This Narrator (Because, If We Are Being Honest Here, Who Would Ever Want To Be A Character Of Mine?)

Hello, hello, hello!

Jem Jones (the magnificent, the wizard, the grandma) has graced us with another Quirk prompt, as is her custom. And as is my custom, I have written a Quirk in response to it.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, that must be remedied at once. It’s a flash fiction prompt series. Jem has given it to us. Anyone can participate. Anything can happen.

Go forth to Jem’s blog and she will tell you what’s what. Then you can join us in this glorious thing that Jem has created.

Now, here is the prompt:

You know, I thought about doing something heart-warming and holiday themed since I’m posting this the day after Thanksgiving.

*laughs sheepishly*

But yeah, no. That did not happen.

Okay, so here’s what I actually did:

My Brother’s Window

My little brother is not broken
And I won’t let them take him away from me
That’s why he’s sprawled across four plastic covered chairs
At the airport, asleep
His face so much calmer than it was
Twenty minutes ago.

I wish he could always be
This calm.

Looking at the world through a stained glass window
Full of mermaids and monsters
It’s beautiful, he tells me
But I find it terrifying
Because I can never see it
And I can’t protect him from monsters that I can’t see.

i have to stay calm
i won’t let him know
how worried I am
how crazy I feel
because he’ll think
it’s his fault
and that will make him
that will make him
and I can’t handle any more of that
not today.

We just need to get on this plane
We just need to escape the horrified eyes
The accusing fingers
The righteous anger
The fear that wakes up the monster.

My little brother is not a monster
He’s just scared
And bad things happen when he gets scared
When he panics
It’s not his fault
He can’t control it
He isn’t trying to hurt anyone
He just wants to save them from the monsters
The monsters that they can’t see.

He doesn’t understand
The difference between the world and the window
He doesn’t understand
That little girls can’t breathe underwater like mermaids.

That little girl will be okay
I told him that
I hope I wasn’t lying
I wasn’t lying.

(Was I?)

I’m not afraid of my brother
But sometimes
I want to smash the stained glass window.

heart beats loud
in my chest
in my throat
he’s going to hear
have to stay calm
stay calm
don’t wake up
the monster
he’s not a monster
he’s not crazy
maybe i’m crazy

I’m not afraid of my brother

I’m not afraid of my brother

What kind of a sister would I be if I was?


Um…yup. I promise I don’t set out to be angsty. I’m not trying to. But it’s gotten rather ridiculous at this point. It would be nice to have some variety, wouldn’t it?

Oh well.

Anyway. I hope you had a splendid Thanksgiving!

6 thoughts on “One Quirk Later #17~ In Which We Are Thankful Not To Be This Narrator (Because, If We Are Being Honest Here, Who Would Ever Want To Be A Character Of Mine?)

  1. Okay but I love this so much, Sponge! The sibling love beats so strong in this piece and I’m here for it. But also, I’m worried now…!? Like are they okay? Are they happy?! I really hope they are safe and happy. 😭
    Your takes on the quirks are always so unexpected and thus, such fun. 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you muchly, Eden! Haha, the worry is understandable. They are certainly not okay. I’m sure they’re happy sometimes…but not generally? Yeah, the safe and happy…not so much happening for them at this time. Sorry.
      Thank you again! I always appreciate your comments. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. OH NO. Oh no oh no oh NO

    I feel like this was just a little taste of SO MUCH more angst to come and I really cannot bear it for these poor children. Also I’m kinda scared of these children. OH NO OH NO OH NO

    Liked by 1 person

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