Exceptional Middle Grade Novels That You Don’t Need To Be 8-12 Years Of Age To Read, Thank You Very Much

Hello everyone!

I am writing this post because the dear Eden @ The Happy Hedgehog has requested that I write a post about my favorite Middle Grade novels. And how, may I ask, do you expect me to pass up such an excellent opportunity to talk about such excellent books?

Well, just don’t expect me to. That’s all I can say. Continue reading

What I’ve Been Reading~ In Which Stories Come In The Shape Of Books

Greetings, my dear friends!

As you no doubt know by now (hopefully), I love stories. Stories make me very happy. Or miserable, but it’s basically the same. And one of the best ways to obtain stories is through little rectangular objects called books. Books and I are the best of friends. Continue reading

The Mystery Blogger Award And Ten Things That Make Me Happy

Hello, my friends!

Due to my immense popularity in the blogging world, I have been tagged yet again! Twice, in fact.

Firstly, by the sunny Camille @ Sun-Soaked Writing for The Mystery Blogger Award. (The fact that it’s called that is in fact a mystery to me, but perhaps that is the point. Maybe it is to be given to particularly mysterious bloggers, like myself.)

And secondly, by the darling Eden @ The Happy Hedgehog for the Ten Things That Make Me Happy tag. (This one is much less mysterious.) Continue reading

Books That Should Be Made Into Broadway Musicals~In Which We Encounter Emotional Turmoil And Smoked Salmon

Good morrow to you, my blogger chums!

Something has come to my attention:

There aren’t enough musicals in the world. (This is definitely a fact, not an opinion.)

And another thing. Clearly there hasn’t been enough singing on this blog. Putting these two things together, I think it’s obvious what we must do. It’s time to go to Broadway. Continue reading

The Sunshine Blogger Award Tag~ In Which I Manage To Bring Up The Snow Scout Pledge More Than Once

Good morrow, everyone!

Today I have been tagged by the illuminating Eden @ The Happy Hedgehog to do the Sunshine Blogger Tag! I did this tag once before. I must be super sunshine-y. But last time I didn’t follow the rules AT ALL. Oops.

The nifty thing about this particular tag is that you can do it as many times as you want and there is always something different to say, because bloggers are creative and ask all varieties of questions. Continue reading