Bookish Reviewish~ In Which I Decide To Be A Grump For No Good Reason

Greetings, my friends!

It’s time for the Sponge’s first Bookish Reviewish post of 2023…which actually mainly features books I read at the end of 2022. I guess I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to the previous year yet. That probably won’t be until March or so.

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The Smashing And Dashing Character Awards 2022~ In Which I Resonate With A Deranged Lizard For No Apparent Reason And I Actually Like Some Romance

Greetings, folks!

Welcome, one and all, to 2023. We made it, somehow, to another year.

And as a new year dawns, before we put the old year on the shelf to gather dust and nostalgia, we come here to remember the absolutely smashing and dashing characters we met in 2022. Because we must take every opportunity to babble about fictional characters, yes?

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Redheaded Orphans With Issues~ In Which It’s Sometimes Hard To Tell The Difference Between Annoying And A Winning Personality

Hey, folks!

You know how some characters are just…well…on the obnoxious side? Maybe you get why they are obnoxious (insecurities and such, you know) and you have grace for them. Maybe you love them in spite of it. Or maybe they’re just too obnoxious to be lovable, excuses aside.

I have compiled a list of some characters that could be considered obnoxious, to varying degrees…. They also happen to all be orphans with red hair and quite possibly some level of abandonment issues.

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Musicals Based On Gothic Literature, Part II~ In Which People Being Murdery And Abusive Might Be Considered Romantic…?

G’day, mates!

Today I bring forth Part II of me-sharing-my-random-opinions-concerning-random-gothic-musicals. We’ll be discussing a couple of Phantoms and a couple of Brontës this time around.

(If you want to read Part I, in which I discuss vampires and unstable men of science, it is available for your perusal here.)

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