The Sunshine Blogger Award Tag~ In Which I Manage To Bring Up The Snow Scout Pledge More Than Once

Good morrow, everyone!

Today I have been tagged by the illuminating Eden @ The Happy Hedgehog to do the Sunshine Blogger Tag! I did this tag once before. I must be super sunshine-y. But last time I didn’t follow the rules AT ALL. Oops.

The nifty thing about this particular tag is that you can do it as many times as you want and there is always something different to say, because bloggers are creative and ask all varieties of questions. Continue reading


Summer Reading~ In Which I Was Pleasantly Surprised By Books And Adopted Some Of Them

Hello, friends!

Books are amazing. But, of course, you all know that.

I can be a total stickler about what stories I give my heart to, and as such I have gone entire summers without finding anything that satisfied me. These are dark summers indeed. But these past few months I have stumbled upon several books that I deem Worthy. This makes me quite happy. Continue reading

An Ode To Fathers~In Which I Commend Some Of My Favorite Fictional Dads

Hello, everyone!

I know, I know, Father’s Day was last weekend. But I was in the middle of a theatre production last weekend, and I decided to have Father’s Day this weekend instead.

Whether biological or honorary, fathers hold a significant place in our lives. There are some amazing real fathers out there (including my own) but on this blog I talk mostly about fictional things, and that is what I am going to do today. Continue reading