Exceptional Middle Grade Novels That You Don’t Need To Be 8-12 Years Of Age To Read, Thank You Very Much

Hello everyone!

I am writing this post because the dear Eden @ The Happy Hedgehog has requested that I write a post about my favorite Middle Grade novels. And how, may I ask, do you expect me to pass up such an excellent opportunity to talk about such excellent books?

Well, just don’t expect me to. That’s all I can say. Continue reading

The Mystery Blogger Award And Ten Things That Make Me Happy

Hello, my friends!

Due to my immense popularity in the blogging world, I have been tagged yet again! Twice, in fact.

Firstly, by the sunny Camille @ Sun-Soaked Writing for The Mystery Blogger Award. (The fact that it’s called that is in fact a mystery to me, but perhaps that is the point. Maybe it is to be given to particularly mysterious bloggers, like myself.)

And secondly, by the darling Eden @ The Happy Hedgehog for the Ten Things That Make Me Happy tag. (This one is much less mysterious.) Continue reading