The 777 Tag~In Which I Share With You A Small Piece Of My Soul

Yo, friends!

It’s been an eternity. I have been extremely preoccupied with school, and I miss you all.

At some point in the last age, I was tagged by both the lovely Chelsea @ An Ordinary Pen and Grace @ Somewhat Reserved to do this little tag, so I guess I might as well.

Haha, but no, I am excited to spill my guts for all of you to see! What fun!

Truthfully this is a convenient post because it’s not very time consuming (unless you count the blood, sweat and tears that’s gone into my story already) and I don’t have any time because of school, and my characters won’t help me write posts. So I am going to¬†make my characters help me write posts by plastering their stories on my blog! MWAHAHAHA! Continue reading


“My Favourite Things” Tag~Featuring Crackers And A Bad Photograph Of My Beloved Furry Brethren

Good morrow, friends!

Today I will be participating in the “My Favourite Things” Tag, which I was tagged for by the remarkable Chelsea, whom I thank muchly.

On principle I feel as if I should not be doing this tag, because it has the word “favourite” in it, and I tend to have an aversion to the word. But in this case I am going to waive that point. The discussion of favourite things in general is much easier than picking a favourite thing.

As you have no doubt deduced from the extremely straightforward title, basically I will be listing some of my favourite things (the magic number is seven, apparently). I will also be picturing these things. I will also be telling you the rules, in case you would like to join this tag as well. Continue reading

Schedule Update And My Summer Recapitulation~Being The Summary Of My Watching, Reading, And General Mayhem

Good morrow, friends!

Before diving into the post, I have a small announcement to make:


Actually what this means is that I will not be posting next Friday.

Since summer break started I’ve been posting once a week, but for the duration of the school year (which is now upon me, come Monday, horror!) I am going back to posting twice a month. So you can look for the next Story Sponge update at the end of August/beginning of September, then mid September, and so on and so forth. Continue reading

Why Writing A Book Is Akin To Raising A Child~From The Perspective Of An Extremely Well-Informed Sponge

Greetings, bloggerly chums! How goes it?

Writing is HARD. It’s sometimes excruciating. But it’s also rewarding, (right? Right???) and totally worth all the sacrifices we must make. It’s an arduous journey, but hopefully at the end of the day we have done something we can be proud of. After hours and hours of intense labour, our children are finally ready to spread their graceful wings!

It has come to my attention that children are not always in the shape of stacks of inky paper. Sometimes children are in fact human. Continue reading

10 Characters That Are Too Good For This World

Hello, friends!

This post is dedicated to characters that are too good for this word- or their worlds, rather.

We have all read books or watched movies that we disliked. (If you haven’t, you are a very lucky and very rare specimen and I wonder at your success.) This is often a painful or possibly just extremely boring experience. We tend not to want to repeat it. No, sir.

But sometimes, we are torn. Continue reading

The Shadow Proves The Sunshine~In Which I Ramble About Why Perfect Worlds Are Boring And Why We Need Darkness In Stories

Salutations, fellow citizens of earth! (If you don’t live on earth, salutations anyway!) I am excited that you are hear, and I hope you are ready to be bombarded with words by an overly zealous sponge.

Today we are going to talk about my favourite thing: STORIES

(I mean, that’s practically all we talk about, but hey, this is my blog so I can do what I want.) Continue reading

Writing Through The Ages (Featuring Some Original Spelling And A Magical Garbage Can)

Hello, blogger chums!

It’s NaNoWriMo! Everyone is super stressed- We have exploding brains from thinking and bruised fingers from typing and bloodshot eyeballs from staring at computer screens and sore throats from screaming! I’ve heard it’s a blast!

But actually I am not even doing NaNo this month. Oops.

Despite my failure to participate in organized crime writing camps, I HAVE been working relatively hard on a new story this month. This is exciting for me since the last Big Story I worked on was in October. (I am a turtle writer, remember.)

Anyway, I figured since inspiration has finally come to visit me, and this is kind of a story writing month, I would share with you some SNIPPETS. Continue reading