In Other Words: Books In Translation (Something Of An Ode To The C-3POs Of This World)

Sumptuous day!

Erm, I mean, good morning, fellow bloggerly citizens.

As you have no doubt gathered, I am an English speaker. In fact, it is the only language that I can (more or less) fluently speak. Aside from gibberish that is.

Sometimes I get this burning desire to know other languages. There are so many out there and they are all beautiful and complicated in their own unique ways. I think it would be so cool to learn to speak a bunch of different languages and be super awesome! But these conversations with myself usually go something like this: Continue reading


How Do Stories Get Told? And What Is A Story Anyway? (A Very Informative Ramble Written By A Very Informed Sponge)

Greetings, my friends! There is something big and scary coming around the corner that is most likely school related, but I am going to ignore that and write a blog post instead.

I was having an awesome conversation with Annie Xia @ Zoelogist about book formats and structures, and I realized I had quite a bit to say. Naturally I concluded that I should write a blog post about it. Hence, this mass of unintelligible rambling was born. Continue reading

Time To Breathe- Break And Life Update

Hello, dear chums!

This is a special-bonus-life-update-post because it is fall break and I would rather blog than catch up on my homework. Look to me for an example of how to make great life decisions, children.

A great deal of my life in the past few months has been overcome by the powers of academia, but I don’t want to talk about that. Instead I will talk about movies, books, Broadway, and writing, as is my custom. Continue reading

Three Musical Films That Don’t Get Talked About Enough (‘Enough’ Being An Extremely Technical Term Which Means ‘As Much As I Wish They Would’)

Hello, my dear chums. Are you turning into a small, hard lump of stale sandwich bread? Because I think I am. School sometimes does strange things to me.

I was feeling so busy that I was planning to have Gollum write this post for me, but he only has three things that he wants to write about: how stupid and fat Sam is, how much he wants the Precious, and the juicy sweetness of raw and wriggling fishes. Continue reading