Ten Of My Favorite Biographically Based Films~In Which I Gush About Movies That Might Be Cake

Salutations, bloggerly chums! How goes life?

Sometimes real life is actually interesting. I may have said something contrary to this in the past. But…we waive that point.

I don’t know if you have figured it out by now, but I am a very inconsistent sponge indeed. Continue reading


An Ode to Sequels~10 Sequels That Outshine Their Predecessors

Hello, friends!

Yes, it’s still me.

If you read my last post about sequels (The Trouble With Sequels~Featuring Why I Don’t Typically Like TV Shows) you may be perplexed by the title of this post. To be sure, I still stand by what I said in that post, but to leave it there would be to leave out some things that should not be left out. And that would be very inconsiderate indeed.

True, sequels have their weaknesses. However they can also be beautiful stories that we are happy to have in our lives. Thus, to counterbalance my negativity from my previous sequel themed post, I have compiled a lovely little list of Ten Sequels (both movies and books) that I actually find More-or-Less Amazing. Continue reading

A Sponge’s Guide To Movie Soundtracks~In Which I Geek Out About Music And Pretend To Be Helpful

Good morrow, friends!

As you may or may not be aware, I have a “slight” obsession with stories.

One storytelling medium that I geek out about is music: contemporary music, Broadway music, movie soundtracks. The fascinating thing about movie soundtrack music as opposed to the other two types, is that it can tell a story without using a single word. Music has a huge impact on the emotion and mood of what is going on. So much can be expressed and felt through music. Music is its own powerful, effective way to tell stories. Continue reading

The Trouble With Sequels~Featuring Why I Don’t Typically Like TV Shows

Good day, chums!

Today I am going to be rambling about how sick I am of sequels, why sequels are finicky beasts to begin with, and why this ties into the fact that I don’t like TV shows as a species.

As you can tell, the tone of this post is probably going to be rather negative. But never fear! If it gets too depressing you can stop whenever you wish and go find yourself a muffin. Just make sure it’s not poisoned before you eat it.

Let’s get rambling, shall we? Continue reading

Voracious Fan Dialogue~In Which All Three Seasons Of A Series Of Unfortunate Events Are Now Before My Eyeballs And I Am Dead (Figuratively)

Hello, friends!

The new year isn’t even through its first month, school is back in full swing, all sorts of obligations are beginning to pile up, and I find myself totally incapacitated. I am unable to focus on anything at all.

The truth is, folks, that I have been murdered.

And the murderer (a word which here means “a person who committed a murder”) is none other than…SUNNY BAUDELAIRE. Continue reading

Where Hast Thou Fled, Yesteryear?~In Which We Discuss Stories In A Multiplicity Of Their Forms, As Usual

Well, would you look at that, it’s 2019.

Greetings, everyone, be ye human, dragon, fish, fowl or sponge! Another year has flown past my eyeballs and I am perturbed by how rapidly time is flying. Time, it seems, has no regard for the speed limit.

As is my custom, I have been looking back on the last year to see what I discovered therein. I am also curious to see what I accomplished, though that list is alarmingly short.

This post is a compilation of my book, movie and theatrical findings from 2018, as well as a few random accomplishments and milestones.

Let us begin.

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8 Couples That Are Too Adorable For Me To Disapprove Of

Hey everyone!

I am kind of squinting at the title of this post going, “Did I write that? Me? Really?” And the answer is yes, I did.

In my last post I may have bashed romance a little bit. I’m not unknown to do that. But I don’t completely oppose romance, and I have written this post to prove it.

Overall my tolerance for romance is not very high, I will admit that, but not all romances annoy me. Even more shocking still, I actually like some of them. I even enjoy romance in stories sometimes. (Is this actually me? As far I as I can tell, yes it is.)

Without further ado, here is a list of some of my favorite movie and book couples. Continue reading