The “I Should Have Read That Book” Tag~ In Which We Examine The Good Ol’ TBR And I Announce My Intentions To Vanish For The Time Being

Happy first day of Autumn, folks!!

Is this going to be an Autumn related blog post? No. No it is not. (I don’t plan like that, as it turns out. I’m just excited that it’s Autumn now. So. Yes. That’s all I have to say about that.)

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Musicals Based On Gothic Literature, Part II~ In Which People Being Murdery And Abusive Might Be Considered Romantic…?

G’day, mates!

Today I bring forth Part II of me-sharing-my-random-opinions-concerning-random-gothic-musicals. We’ll be discussing a couple of Phantoms and a couple of Brontës this time around.

(If you want to read Part I, in which I discuss vampires and unstable men of science, it is available for your perusal here.)

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Reflections On Having Emotions (Or Something)~ In Which I Draw A Rather Unflattering Parallel

Hi, guys.

So, once upon a time I decided that crying is essentially the emotional equivalent to throwing up.

And I thought, huh, that’s kind of weird, I probably won’t write a blog post about that one…

But I’m so emotionally and physically exhausted at this point in time (having just participated in my baby sister’s wedding, you know) that such a thing just seems appropriate.

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