An Ode To Mothers~In Which I Liken Mothers Unto Rocks

Greetings, my blogger chums!

I have been keeping a very attentive eye on the Real Life Calendar, and thus I am aware that this past Sunday was Mother’s Day, a phrase which here means “a day on which one customarily celebrates one’s literal or figurative mothers, gives them flowers or chocolates or a new book, and reflects on how these monumental figures have impacted one’s life.”

Due to the recent holiday, my post is themed accordingly. Continue reading


The Last Beautiful People Post In The Foreseeable Future, Alas~Including The Most Clever Piece Of Dialogue You Are Bound To Read In A While

Greetings, friends!

Five million years ago, Cait @ Paper Fury and Sky @furtherupandfutherin posted a favourites edition of their Beautiful People tag, and announced that it would be the last Beautiful People for the time being.

Being the speedy blogger that I am, I am just now getting to this post. It’s rather late, but nevertheless I am excited to answer the questions! Continue reading

The Unofficial Movie/TV Show Tag~Unofficially An Excuse to Talk About Something Extremely Unfortunate

Hello, everybody!

I have not been terribly active in the blogging world of late due to an abundance of academic obligations, but in case any of you were worrying, I am still alive.

I have been tagged by the fantastic¬†Chelsea R. H. for the Unofficial Movie/TV Show Tag, which, as I understand it, is a tag in which one describes six movies or TV shows that have impacted one’s life in some way or another. Chelsea’s post is wonderful and you should all go read it because she talks about The Lord of the Rings and Sherlock and I am not sure what else you could ask for. Continue reading

Into The Woods Tag~In Which I Have Another Excuse To Talk About Books

Hello, friends!

Today I have stolen a tag from Shanti @ Virtually Read about one of my favorite musicals, (Into the Woods) and books. How could I resist such a fateful pairing?

What Shanti so expertly did was take songs from Into the Woods and match them to a type of book. Then she presented us with a book that fit the category. I will use her song/book-type pairings and answer them myself. If you have not listened to the songs, I advise that you do so because they are fantastic.

Let us begin. Continue reading

10 Moments In Movies That Were Made Astronomically Better Through The Addition of Song

Good day, friends!

How are your brains and eyeballs surviving as we enter into the third month of this year? As of now, I am still alive, but if that changes I will inform you immediately. In case you weren’t aware, academia is murder.

Today I have planned a special ramble for you about two of my favorite things: music and movies. Continue reading

The First Five And A Half Of 2018~ In Which I Am Unreasonable And Fail To Be Satisfied By Books

Yo, bloggers of the world!

My life right now is drowning in all things schoolish. My brain is squished like a forgotten peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the bottom of a lunch box. Broken French phrases spliced with neurotransmitters, fauxbourdon, and mangled opera are all screeching at me, but I am doing my best to stay sane.

During the first month and a half of the new year, I have managed to read five and a half books. I have lost sleep in order to do this, so be proud of me. Continue reading