Three Musical Films That Don’t Get Talked About Enough (‘Enough’ Being An Extremely Technical Term Which Means ‘As Much As I Wish They Would’)

Hello, my dear chums. Are you turning into a small, hard lump of stale sandwich bread? Because I think I am. School sometimes does strange things to me.

I was feeling so busy that I was planning to have Gollum write this post for me, but he only has three things that he wants to write about: how stupid and fat Sam is, how much he wants the Precious, and the juicy sweetness of raw and wriggling fishes. Continue reading


Ladyhawke~ How This Movie Manages To Be Embarrassing And Amazing At The Same Time

Salut! Ça va?

I have survived two weeks (almost) of school. I am currently taking French, and as you can see, I am making great progress.

I am writing this post in honor of the eclipse that happened last month. If you fail to see what connection a 1980’s fantasy film has to a solar eclipse, just have patience, my children. All will be made clear in time. Continue reading

If Sherlock And His Chums Were Writers, O, What A Merry Bunch They Would Be…Part I

Last month I wrote a post in which I detailed the reasons why Henry Knight From Sherlock Is The Perfect Allegory For An Angsty Writer. This post is rooted in hours of personal writing experience.

It is also rooted in the fact that I spend a considerable amount of time watching a certain British television show. Naturally I had to put the two things together. Continue reading