The Sunshine Blogger Tag~In Which I Talk About Music And My Ideal Future

Salutations, blogger chums!

Due to my immense popularity, I have been tagged yet again– this time for the Sunshine Blogger Tag, by the fantastic Chelsea @ An Ordinary Pen, and the lovely Jess @ The Artful Author.

They both tagged me around five million years ago. But here we are. I have finally remembered to do something about it! Huzzah!

Many thanks to Chelsea and Jess for the tag! (I didn’t realise that so many people knew I existed. Wow. Two People gave me a sunshine! Love you, friends!) Continue reading


Older Siblings That I Do Not Want To Emulate~In Which I Might Accidentally Relate To A Few Of Them Anyway

Hey everybody!

Recently I did a post (parts I and II) about my fictional heroes. There are quite a few characters that I look up to.

There are also a lot of characters that I…don’t.

As an oldest sibling, I often think about the way I interact with my sisters and whether or not I am being all that an older sibling should be. One way to feel better about myself is to compare myself to older siblings in books, Broadway shows, and movies/TV shows that are particularly awful.

This is a fantastic strategy: Continue reading

The Awesome Blogger Award~At Last, My Greatness Has Been Publicly Recognised

Hello, everyone!

As you may have noticed from the title of this post, you are reading the blog of someone who inspires awe- (that would be me, if you’re at all confused). I was tagged for the Awesome Blogger Award by another (equally awesome) blogger, Annie Xia @ Zoelogist, whose blog you should check out at once, because it is, in a word, awesome.

I wonder how many times I can use the word “awesome” in this post before something happens to me.

I am so, so grateful to Annie Xia for thinking of me for this tag! I will now answer the awesome questions she came up with, (because, shockingly, this award includes an interrogation).
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An Ode To 11 Fictional People Who Are My Nonfictional Heroes Part I

Good morrow my friends!

As you may or may not have noticed, this post has come earlier than usual. That is because for the summer I am going to post once a week (approximately every Friday) instead of once every two weeks. Huzzah!

It’s a given that I spend most of my time with people who live between the pages of books (or on a rectangular screen). I am overly invested in the lives of people who technically don’t exist in the real world, which is why I spend as little time there as possible. Facing a world where hobbits aren’t real is hard.

I care a lot about fictional characters for various reasons. Some of them are fun to laugh at and some of them are fun to hate and some of them are fun to cry about and some of them just need a thousand hugs and some psychological therapy.

In this post I will be talking about a few of the characters from books that inspire me to be a better human. These characters are my fictional heroes. Continue reading

Music Buddies~In Which I Geek Out About Music! (Again!) Plus A Special Announcement)

Yo, cool blogger cats!

Are you feeling groovy today? Because I am.

Related image
Don’t we all need Will Smith as a fish dancing in our lives? I guess that might disturb some people.

Anyone who has spent a substantial amount of time on this blog probably knows that many hours of my life are filled with barricades and strikes and French revolutions and teenage angst and Russian princesses with amnesia. Broadway musicals are hugely important to me. DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE SING? (If not, I’m sure we can sing a little louder.)

But I listen to other kinds of music too. Continue reading