The Bookworm Tag~ In Which I Try To Figure Out What A Solid Book Is, And My Sense Of Humor Includes Squash

Hullo, everyone!

I have been tagged by the illustrious Elizabeth Hyde @Trivialities for the Bookworm Tag! I am very grateful for this, because tags are generally faster to execute than regular posts, and the time is just NOT HERE this week, so… yup.Hopefully I can come up with some marginally entertaining responses to her lovely questions, but we shall have to see.

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A Sponge’s Ranking Of (Almost) Every Pixar Movie~ In Which I Flail About Motorized Vehicles, Rodents, Insects, And A Very Special Trash Compacter

Greetings, bloggerly chums!

I have been an ardent Pixar fan since I was very small. My parents raised me to appreciate the merit of animated movies, not merely as a form of entertainment for children, but as a legitimate storytelling medium…let’s just say we can get a little bit nerdy about it at times.

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An Ode To Curmudgeons

Hey there, folks!

Today I draw your attention to that lovable specimen known commonly as the “Grump”, the “Grouch” or the “Curmudgeon.” My list ranges from part-time grumps to Hard-Core Curmudgeons (and may include one or two people that I just wanted an excuse to mention, if I’m being honest here). I apologize in advance for the excessive usage of the words “grump” and “curmudgeon” (as well as variations thereof) within this post.

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