Into The Woods Tag~In Which I Have Another Excuse To Talk About Books

Hello, friends!

Today I have stolen a tag from Shanti @ Virtually Read about one of my favorite musicals, (Into the Woods) and books. How could I resist such a fateful pairing?

What Shanti so expertly did was take songs from Into the Woods and match them to a type of book. Then she presented us with a book that fit the category. I will use her song/book-type pairings and answer them myself. If you have not listened to the songs, I advise that you do so because they are fantastic.

Let us begin. Continue reading


10 Moments In Movies That Were Made Astronomically Better Through The Addition of Song

Good day, friends!

How are your brains and eyeballs surviving as we enter into the third month of this year? As of now, I am still alive, but if that changes I will inform you immediately. In case you weren’t aware, academia is murder.

Today I have planned a special ramble for you about two of my favorite things: music and movies. Continue reading

The First Five And A Half Of 2018~ In Which I Am Unreasonable And Fail To Be Satisfied By Books

Yo, bloggers of the world!

My life right now is drowning in all things schoolish. My brain is squished like a forgotten peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the bottom of a lunch box. Broken French phrases spliced with neurotransmitters, fauxbourdon, and mangled opera are all screeching at me, but I am doing my best to stay sane.

During the first month and a half of the new year, I have managed to read five and a half books. I have lost sleep in order to do this, so be proud of me. Continue reading

The Rising Author Tag~ In Which I Divulge My Deepest Writing Secrets

Hello, friends!

I have been tagged for the Rising Author Tag, which sounds very dramatic and makes me feel like I am a phoenix RISING FROM THE ASHES. Whether I am rising in order to launch a rebellion or rising to get a sandwich from the far off kitchen remains to be seen.

Thank you buckets, Jem Jones, for including me in this tag and giving me the opportunity to answer your lovely questions! Tags are a great blessing because at many times my brain is the size of a peanut and I can’t come up with post ideas on my own. Continue reading

10 Types Of Book Characters~Including Cardboard-Cut-Outs And Food Metaphors

Hello, friends!

How are you all surviving this new and perilous year? Assuming that you are in fact surviving, and if not I am deeply sorry for your death.

Today I am going to talk about the glue that holds stories together, the very fibers from which stories are woven: the CHARACTERS. Without characters we would have no scarves or sweaters or woolen stockings because characters are basically yarn. But also glue.

If that didn’t make sense you might want to stop reading now because it’s only going to get worse from here, folks. Continue reading

The Liebster Award (In Which I Am Kindly Interrogated Whilst Sort Of Attempting To Follow The Rules)

Salutations, my bloggerly associates! I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by the exceptional Annie Xia @ Zoelogist. She is smart and funny and it follows that her blog possesses these attributes as well. You should consider exploring its contents. She is amazing and I am very grateful to her for her thoughtfulness. Continue reading