The Bookworm Tag~ In Which I Try To Figure Out What A Solid Book Is, And My Sense Of Humor Includes Squash

Hullo, everyone!

I have been tagged by the illustrious Elizabeth Hyde @Trivialities for the Bookworm Tag! I am very grateful for this, because tags are generally faster to execute than regular posts, and the time is just NOT HERE this week, so… yup.Hopefully I can come up with some marginally entertaining responses to her lovely questions, but we shall have to see.

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One Quirk Later #9~ In Which The Piano And The Toad Actually Have Nothing To Do With Each Other

Greetings, my friends!

It is with great excitement and joy that I discovered that the illustrious Jem Jones was back with another post in her flash fiction prompt series that we all adore (obviously) and participate in (most assuredly) and if you don’t and you haven’t then you can still change that post-haste by trotting along to her blog and finding out all about Quirk #9. You’re welcome.

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The 2021 Smashing And Dashing Character Awards~ In Which Abysmal Social Skills Are Relatable And We Must Protect A Sword-Wielding Five-Year-Old

Hey, friends!

It’s time for the Smashing and Dashing Character Awards (originally created by Cait @ PaperFury), the 2021 edition. To be honest, 2021 wasn’t one of my best reading years (maybe I’m just getting more picky…ha ha, I’m definitely getting more picky), but hopefully I’ll be able to scrounge up enough characters to pull through on this tag…

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