The Writerly Valentine Tag~ In Which We Pretend It’s Still Somewhat Close To February…

G’day to you all!

I am here today for The Writerly Valentine Tag. I was tagged by the esteemed Sarah Seele for this one. I’m fairly certain it was meant to be a Valentine’s Day thing? *squints at the calendar* ..Hm. Well, yes. Here we are.

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The Smashing And Dashing Character Awards 2022~ In Which I Resonate With A Deranged Lizard For No Apparent Reason And I Actually Like Some Romance

Greetings, folks!

Welcome, one and all, to 2023. We made it, somehow, to another year.

And as a new year dawns, before we put the old year on the shelf to gather dust and nostalgia, we come here to remember the absolutely smashing and dashing characters we met in 2022. Because we must take every opportunity to babble about fictional characters, yes?

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The Bookworm Tag~ In Which I Try To Figure Out What A Solid Book Is, And My Sense Of Humor Includes Squash

Hullo, everyone!

I have been tagged by the illustrious Elizabeth Hyde @Trivialities for the Bookworm Tag! I am very grateful for this, because tags are generally faster to execute than regular posts, and the time is just NOT HERE this week, so… yup.Hopefully I can come up with some marginally entertaining responses to her lovely questions, but we shall have to see.

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