One Quirk Later #6~ In Which I Crawl Out Of Writing-Slump Land Long Enough To Say “Dragons”

HELLO, my friends!

Well, I’m just a sad lump of something attached to a couch wondering if it’s time for snacks yet, but GUESS WHO IS BACK. The glorious Jem Jones, that’s who, and she has brought the prompt for Quirk #6 of her One Quirk Later flash fiction series with her. For that we can all rejoice, because we all need more quirks in our lives.

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The Ideal Inspiration Tag~ In Which We See That Most Of My Favorite Characters Are In Desperate Need Of Hugs

Hello, everyone!

About five hundred years ago (or maybe it was just last year) I was tagged by the lovely mphtheatregirl to do The Ideal Inspiration Tag. Essentially, I have no blogging inspiration whatsoever at the moment and this tag is saving me from crashing dramatically into a wall (I’ve hit a hundred times before).

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The Smashing And Dashing Character Awards 2020~In Which I Want To Adopt Some Kids And Throw Some Creeps Of Cliffs

Greetings, friends!

I recently discovered this delightful tag (which was originally created by Cait @ PaperFury) through the esteemed Sarah Seele @ Sixty-Something Trees and I decided that I MUST steal it posthaste and participate because screaming about characters is what I am here for. (Also you should all go and read Sarah’s post and meet Murderbot and Doug because it’s a joy.)

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