One Quirk Later #15~ In Which Diana Decides To Keep A Diary And I Conveniently Blame All Awkward Prose On Her

Hullo, friends!

I have not the intro powers today. Just know that it is Quirk time, and you should all go to Jem’s lovely blog and join in because it’s great fun (even though more often than not the Quirks themselves end up a tad on the depressing side with much angst and possibly murder?? Eh, well).

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One Quirk Later #9~ In Which The Piano And The Toad Actually Have Nothing To Do With Each Other

Greetings, my friends!

It is with great excitement and joy that I discovered that the illustrious Jem Jones was back with another post in her flash fiction prompt series that we all adore (obviously) and participate in (most assuredly) and if you don’t and you haven’t then you can still change that post-haste by trotting along to her blog and finding out all about Quirk #9. You’re welcome.

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