One Quirk Later #12~ In Which There Is A Difference Between A Cobbler And A Shoemaker

Hello, hello, hello, my good folk!

It’s time for another Quirk! The illustrious wizard (and grandma) Jem Jones is the creator of this lovely flash fiction series, and we all appreciate her for that (among other things, because Jem is just the best and if you haven’t popped over to her blog yet you simply MUST).

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One Quirk Later #9~ In Which The Piano And The Toad Actually Have Nothing To Do With Each Other

Greetings, my friends!

It is with great excitement and joy that I discovered that the illustrious Jem Jones was back with another post in her flash fiction prompt series that we all adore (obviously) and participate in (most assuredly) and if you don’t and you haven’t then you can still change that post-haste by trotting along to her blog and finding out all about Quirk #9. You’re welcome.

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One Quirk Later #6~ In Which I Crawl Out Of Writing-Slump Land Long Enough To Say “Dragons”

HELLO, my friends!

Well, I’m just a sad lump of something attached to a couch wondering if it’s time for snacks yet, but GUESS WHO IS BACK. The glorious Jem Jones, that’s who, and she has brought the prompt for Quirk #6 of her One Quirk Later flash fiction series with her. For that we can all rejoice, because we all need more quirks in our lives.

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