“Voted Most Likely” Writers Tag~ In Which I Try to Predict My Characters’ Behavior

Hello there, everyone!

Times are weird. Good grief.

My mantra right now is basically:

Don’t panic

Be mindful of others

 Prepare for the worst

(But stop hoarding, for Pete’s sake)

Hope for the best

 Appreciate the things you have

Stay informed

(Did I mention “Don’t panic”?)

Appreciate your family

Stop and smell the flowers, because spring is here.

Crazy things happen, but life goes on. Thus, blogging goes on.

I was (more or less) tagged for this thing by sarahseele, so I’m doing it because it looks like fun! Or because I want to torment myself by trying to figure out who my characters are. One or the other. (And you should check out her post so that you can meet Miss Ryeira, because everyone should meet Miss Ryeira.)

Anyway, here are THE RULES:

One: Thank the lovely blogger who tagged you. (Many thanks to the wonderful sarahseele for her creative way of tagging pretty much anybody who reads her posts!)

Two: Include a link to the tag creator’s page (That would be the lovely Phoebe.)

Three: Use your own lovely Original Characters (OC’s); don’t use a friend’s characters or characters from your favorite fandom. They can be from any project, so long as you created them. For more fun, try to use as many different characters as possible. (Just wait till I get started…)

Four: Tag at least five lovely blogger friends to play along. (Um…we’ll see.)

Well, on to the “most likleys” now…

Most likely to be a poet

I have several characters who are poets. But I guess the most poetic of them all is probably Zindor.

Zindor is a boy who grew up on a mountain with his parents and his cat Clarence. He amuses himself mainly by writing stories and poetry. He often recites poetry that he creates on the spur of the moment. It’s how he relieves stress.

Most likely to dance in the rain

Hm, I have just realized that none of my characters are big dancers. Unless I’ve forgotten one. Which I probably have.

I know I’m supposed to be using different characters, but honestly I have to go with Zindor again.

Most likely to look good in a kilt



Well, I don’t know if he would actually look good in a kilt, but Denfiss Blotch would be most likely to think he looks good in a kilt.

Denfiss is a weird bloke who once accidentally made his hair the consistency of a rock.

He grew up on a farm and thought that driving a tractor was the epitome of happiness- until he actually learned to drive one. He went to jail, fell in love, ate bacon, joined a traveling circus, rescued his true love from a dungeon using mainly paper, got married, and became an acting teacher.

And yeah, he might be the most likely to look good in a kilt, but honestly I don’t know.

Most likely to get punched in the face

Oh. So many to choose from.

I know which of my characters would most likely get punched in the face by me. That would be Edwin.

I love the guy. But I also hate him.

Then again, “most likely to get punched in the face” generally would probably be Andy Derk. Because he just says the wrong things at the wrong time, and he’s not all that great at dodging.

Andy is a fun-loving kid, but his life is wrought with tragedy. His dad sold him into slavery when he was sixteen and he has emotional issues from that. His best friend Konya is very nice but also has a habit of hitting people when they are aggravating. Andy has a habit of being aggravating.

Most likely to drop everything and become a sheep-herder

Well, Lochinvara dropped everything and became a snail-hunter. Sheep aren’t that far off.

Lochinvara is…not that great. She kind of abandoned her son. When he was seven. To go snail-hunting. So. Yeah.

Most likely to be found in the library

Trive-Resco loves books and learning and knowledge and literature. He is only twelve, but he is a dedicated scholar and a wonderful playwright. He takes his art very seriously. Sometimes a little too seriously.

Most likely to sleep through an earthquake

I don’t know. Maybe Jonas…because he’d be too ill to notice the earthquake.

Wow. That was terrible.

Jonas is the middle child, sandwiched by his older brother Brecken and his younger sister Leona. Their parents died when they were kids. This story is set in a vaguely medieval time and features the most healthy sibling relationships you ever saw in your life.

Most likely to steal food from other people’s plates

Shrew. Definitely Shrew.

Shrew is a little girl who lives at the circus and she loves to eat and she knows that if she doesn’t take food for herself she probably won’t get any. She’s around eleven, but she tells everyone that she’s thirty. Just because.

Most likely to cheat on a test

My characters are all VERY HONEST.

Hehe. Okay. No.

Andrea would cheat on a test. With the best intentions.

Most likely to say “Oops” after setting something on fire

I think I have to say Denfiss again. He blew up a barn once. Accidentally.

Most likely to open an orphanage

Winston might open an orphanage. He has such a big heart and he wants to share it with everyone.

Winston grew up in an orphanage actually, but it wasn’t a very good one. If he had an orphanage it would be a much kinder place. And he would bake the kids cinnamon rolls.

Most likely to run off with the circus

Um, well, I have a story that is almost entirely populated by such folk. So.

Of all of them though, I’ll say Andrea is the most likely. Because she’s so desperate and so determined and prone to doing rash things.

Most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse

Probably Edek. He’s rugged and wise and basically an Aragorn rip-off.

Most likely to fake their own death

Lochinvara DID fake her own death. And she’d do it again, too. She literally faked her death so that she could go snail-hunting, guys.

Most likely to die and haunt their friends

Spider. I think Spider might do that. He is from the circus story as well. He can play the piano. With his toes. He’s a great guy but he’s the slightest bit creepy and sort of socially challenged. He basically haunts his friends already in life, so I don’t see why anything would stop him from doing so in death.


Well, there you have it. I find it weirdly hard to predict my own characters’ behavior, even though I invented them. It’s awkward.

Oh, right I’m supposed to tag people.

I tag…

…anyone who has characters that are most likely to do any of these things.

Which of your characters is most likely to become a poet? Which of them would look good in a kilt? Have any of your characters run off and joined the circus? I would love to hear about them all! Don’t lose heart, and keep writing!

33 thoughts on ““Voted Most Likely” Writers Tag~ In Which I Try to Predict My Characters’ Behavior

  1. I’m commenting solely because your blog tag included the “Most likely to look good in a kilt” question. Secondary reason is because I’m trying to comment on everything I’m reading recently…
    Needless to say, I LOVE KILTS.
    Hmm… I’m currently thinking. Since my fantasy WIP that I barely started to outline is On Hold, I’m trying to picture some sci-fi and thriller characters here and my brain is doing this “Not Computing…” message over and over again. 😛

    *still thinking*

    P.S. You know I think I shall take up this tag when I come up with the answers 🙂

    P.P.S. Wonderful set of mantra! 🙂 Basically what’s on my mind as well. Thought I must admit that there are absolutely no flowers around here in the northwest. In fact we had some slight snowfall earlier today 😛

    P.P.P.S. I’m in a post script mood today. Just wanted to also let you know I love Sarah’s blog – esp. her style of writing – so elegant – and am officially a follower. 🙂 Thanks for the introduction!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I eagerly await the discovery of which of your own characters looks good in a kilt. 😉 And the answers other questions as well.
      Thanks! We have some daffodils that have bloomed, and yet it snowed quite a bit on Wednesday! It looked like the middle of winter again. It was weird.
      You are most welcome! I am very glad you like Sarah’s blog. It’s wonderful. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Now- I have more than 13 characters. While my Tale of the Cattail Forest characters are the main ones I have been focused on, some new ones have been added. I have developed two characters for Greatest Discovery and one for Lizzy the Lizard. So, I literally have 15 characters now.

    Most of my characters are non-human. Only Auora and Jasmine are humans. The rest are either a Fairy Frog, Toad, or a Lizard.

    These are fun to read and think about for my characters

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Let’s see:

        7 are Fairy Frogs

        6 are Toads

        1 is a Lizard

        Aurora, Jasmine, four other orphans- among other humans- I still haven’t created all the Greatest Discovery characters.

        Liked by 2 people

  3. I have utterly and completely fallen in love with your characters. They are the strangest, funniest, quirkiest little parade of people I have ever met. AND I LOVE IT. 😍

    Liked by 2 people

  4. From your short description of Andrea, she sounds like someone I would be interested in being friends with–does that sound right? Someone who would cheat on a test with the best of intentions makes me think of someone who sometimes, justified or not, knows that life isn’t completely black and white. Shrew and Trive-Resco sound like they’re adults in the bodies of almost-teenagers.
    I love how interesting and varied your characters are :)) And I promise I’m not hoarding anything except books.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Under better circumstances, yeah, I can seen Andrea being someone you would be interested in being friends with, and I can see that from the brief description I gave- but honestly Andrea is a little bit scary.
      Haha, yeah, Trive-Resco is for sure a seventy-five year old man in a child’s body. Shrew just wants to be important.
      Thank you! I try to explore all sorts of different characters when I write.
      That is good to hear. And hoarding books is totally allowed. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Uhhh, okay maybe not then.
        Oh, I love the distinction. I love how well you know your characters. What is your character building process like, if you have one and if you’re willing to tell your secrets? :))
        Hahaha, the only type of positive hoarding!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well, I don’t have a specific character building process, but usually I get to know them simply by writing about them. I just write scene after scene, whether or not those scenes are going to be in the story. I also just spend time thinking about them and wondering what their boggart would be, and what would be at the bottom of their Regret Elevator. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Haha, right. So you know how in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban they have to fight a boggart for Defense Against the Dark Arts? It’s this creature that transforms itself into whatever you fear most. The Regret Elevator is a term coined by my younger sister to describe Dom Cobb’s memory prison that he built for Mal in Inception. Each level is a memory that he wants to change- hence, the regret part, and they travel through this dream area in an elevator- hence, the elevator. Hence, Regret Elevator. So for my characters I can think of what memories they regret, and which one would be in the basement- the one they regret the most.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Ohh okay, I knew boggart sounded familiar. Okay for some reason, I keep reading regret as REEgret because i think it’s some fancy hotel or something. Oh my goodness, that’s brilliant. I love that, that’s so good.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. (Miss Ryeira is blushing. 🙂 )

    This was so fun to read! So funny. I LOVE the sound of your characters. Denfiss Blotch, in particular, is hilarious. And that sentence – “He grew up on a farm and thought that driving a tractor was the epitome of happiness- until he actually learned to drive one” – somehow or another, I’ve never heard a truer sentence in my life. Like, that sentence is so /true/. (And he rescued his true love from a dungeon with /paper/? I am so curious.)

    Also Andy, I want to hug Andy.

    Shrew sounds adorable!! She tells people she’s thirty just because. XD XD And I love her name.

    Okay, so I am getting serious Valka (from HTTYD) vibes from Lochinvara? They both have odd, lovely names. They both faked their own deaths (I think?) and abandoned their families for the sake of squirmy crawly sorts of creatures. In my head, Lochinvara is Valka but with snails. Which…is sad. At least dragons are, you know, not SNAILS.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you muchly! I am glad that you like Denfiss. I like him too. (About the paper, he knows how to build origami bombs- which are bombs made entirely out of paper. It’s all about how you fold it, or at least that’s what Denfiss tells his friend when explaining how it works.)
      I want to hug Andy too! He usually needs a hug.
      That’s hilarious! I can see the connection, but in reality Lochinvara is not very much like Valka AT ALL. Lochinvara is…super obnoxious and feather-brained and honestly a lot like Lydia from Pride and Prejudice- except she likes snail hunting. Then again, the way that she abandoned her son is something I can never forgive her for, and I can’t forgive Valka for that either. So they do have some similarities.
      Thank you, thank you, thank you for your lovely comment!

      Liked by 1 person

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