Explaining (Or Muddling??) The Enneagram With Characters From The Silver Eye~ In Which I Confuse Myself And Probably You

Good morrow, my friends!

Today’s post is going to be a bit…obscure. I mean, I only know maybe three people who have read The Silver Eye, and of those there are even fewer that I know of for sure to be interested in the Enneagram…so really I’m just humoring myself (but that’s what this entire blog is for, right? Right?).

Eh, at least I know my sisters will read it, and that’s what really matters.

(But also if you haven’t read The Silver Eye, what are you waiting for, hm?? *glares meaningfully at cousin*)

If you still don’t know what I’m even talking about, you must read this post.


For the two/three of you still reading, this post will be my attempt to type several of the principle TSE characters using the Enneagram.

I am by no means an expert in the Enneagram. In fact, it confuses me greatly and it’s anyone’s guess what type I am (I relate to all of them except for Seven?? Why are there only nine types? And WHY can’t you be a Four with a Six wing or a Three with a Nine wing?? Who made up these silly rules??).

I am generally skeptical about such personality systems, honestly, and the Enneagram is not an exception to this.

…But that doesn’t stop me from trying to type fictional characters. Obviously.

So I’ll be going through all nine types and just picking out characters from TSE that fit, and then changing my mind halfway through. Because I’m me.

All the type descriptions come from the Enneagram Institute website! Which is kind of cool and you should check it out if you haven’t yet.

And all the pictures are from The Silver Eye webcomic by Laura Hollingsworth. 🙂



Type One: The Reformer

The Rational, Idealistic Type: Principled, Purposeful, Self-Controlled, and Perfectionistic-Type Descriptions, The Enneagram Institute

Apen Shephard

Apen has a undeniable desire to do the Right Thing. He has a strong drive to correct injustice in the world. However, he constantly worries that there is something inherently wrong with him (due to, you know, his very exciting family history), and he is terrified of becoming corrupted. Not to mention he’s a total perfectionist. This has Enneagram Type One written all over it.

He had an immense amount of responsibility placed on his shoulders at a young age, which undoubtedly contributes to his tendency to take on burdens that shouldn’t be his to carry. (It’s called trauma, folks.) Apen deals with the horrors of his childhood by striving towards being as good as possible, and his greatest fear is discovering that deep down he isn’t good.

Let’s just be sad about that.

Type Two: The Helper

The Caring, Interpersonal Type: Demonstrative, Generous, People-Pleasing, and Possessive-Type Descriptions, The Enneagram Institute

Idony St. Claire

Idony is warm-hearted, caring, and generous. She pours herself into helping others and sometimes forgets that she also has needs, a common mistake that Twos make. She can become so focused on being helpful that she becomes alarmingly neglectful of herself (much to her brother’s chagrin).

She has a gentle, nurturing spirit, but she can also be passionate and even controlling at times. When she thinks she knows what’s best for someone, she can become domineering in her attempt to make them see her point of view. But ultimately she just wants to make others feel loved. (I honestly think she’s a lot like what Molly Weasley would have been like as a young woman.)

Type Three: The Achiever

The Success-Oriented, Pragmatic Type: Adaptive, Excelling, Driven, and Image-Conscious-Type Descriptions, The Enneagram Institute

Velvare Bamidele

This man has severe trauma, and his way of coping is MASKS. LITERALLY. He is charismatic, a master of manipulation, and he uses his people skills to gain quite a following of ardent admirers. But…it’s maybe just an act? An elaborate character he’s created for himself??

He is focused on outward appearance, rather than cultivating authentic relationship. That’s an unhealthy Three thing, folks. His fear of being worthless drives him to greater and greater achievement, but all the while he’s incapable of taking the mask off.

Isn’t that deep, now.

Type Four: The Individualist

The Sensitive, Withdrawn Type: Expressive, Dramatic, Self-Absorbed, and Temperamental-Type Descriptions, The Enneagram Institute

Bhatair Hollingsworth

Okay, so I’m kind of joking? You can’t literally be two people, and I just told you that I thought Velvs/Bay was a Three…but young Bay is way more temperamental than Velvare. He is also much less suave. Basically not your typical charismatic Three.

Bay is insecure and it’s all too easy for Joshua to get under his skin. He’s moody and discontented. He wants to prove himself, but doesn’t seem to know how. Type Fours are focused on creating an identity for themselves…I guess Bay just got a little carried away.

(I confess, I actually just put Bay here because I couldn’t think of anyone who really fit for type Four, so…there he is.)

Type Five: The Investigator

The Intense, Cerebral Type: Perceptive, Innovative, Secretive, and IsolatedType Descriptions, The Enneagram Institute

Marcus Lanum

Marcus loves his library and his books and doesn’t do well with things like emotions…and people…and stuff. He is fairly withdrawn and gravitates more towards information than actual humans. Humans are messy and unpredictable. Kids are especially messy and unpredictable, which may contribute to Marcus’s aversion to them.

Marcus likes to know what’s going on. Information is his armor. His knowledge is the key to being competent, right? If he just reads enough books, maybe he’ll be able to cope with, like, life in general…maybe.

(Sometimes I almost think Marcus is a Four though…secretly.)

Type Six: The Loyalist

The Committed, Security-Oriented Type: Engaging, Responsible, Anxious, and Suspicious-Type Descriptions, The Enneagram Institute

Berlyne Alvarado

I am still not set on Berlyne being a Six, honestly. At first I put her as an Eight, due to her self-confidence and general independence. My sister suggested she might be a Two, since she is always making things for people, and she might be right.

But I ended up putting  Berlyne as a Six. Mostly because having the loyalty of her close friends and family is extremely important to her and when that security is lost she can get pretty salty about it.

She is very level-headed and responsible, but she can also get a bit stuck in her head when it comes to her fears (TRAUMA). She’s not an anxious person per se, but she definitely has a highly developed suspicious streak.

Son, she’s probably an Eight actually. Eh, whatever.

Avidan Leto

I almost put Avidan as an Eight since he’s a mini-Noah, but eventually I decided he fits better as a Six. He is very focused on gaining the approval of the authority figures in his life (aka Velvare and Noah), and actually kind of likes having people to tell him what to do, I think. (Not that he wouldn’t be a good leader; he just has growing to do in that area.)

He is prone to resentfulness and is often quite moody, but can also be extremely caring and sensitive to other people’s needs when given the chance. He is a good listener and he takes responsibility seriously. His resentment is a product of feeling like he doesn’t have the approval of the people he looks up to.

He just desperately needs some support, guys.

Type Seven: The Enthusiast

The Busy, Fun-Loving Type: Spontaneous, Versatile, Distractible, and Scattered-Type Descriptions, The Enneagram Institute


Well, this is kind of a no-brainer. Enel is all over the place. He is the quintessential puppy. He is super cheerful and enthusiastic about whatever he’s doing…until something happens that makes him uncomfortable, and then he freaks out.

Though in a lot of ways typing Enel as a Seven makes sense, I almost wanted to put him as a Six. He has the scattered, gung-ho nature of a Seven on the surface, but in many ways he’s a lot more afraid of trying new things than a genuine Seven ought to be? He’s actually pretty security oriented…but I’m putting him as a Seven anyway.

(But you know who is actually a pure Seven is Aetius, though.)

Type Eight: The Challenger

The Powerful, Dominating Type: Self-Confident, Decisive, Willful, and Confrontational-Type Descriptions, The Enneagram Institute

Noah St. Claire

Noah is fiercely protective of the people he feels responsible for, but he can be rather over-bearing in his effort to look after people. His methods are…questionable, to say the least. But you know, sometimes when he isn’t behaving like an ogre he can be really sweet.

He is confrontational and prone to angry outbursts, but he can also be withdrawn and secretive. He has a lot of secrets, come to mention it. That’s an unhealthy Eight tendency. Noah’s not the healthiest of men if we’re being honest here. (But we love him anyway, okay?)

Type Nine: The Peacemaker

The Easygoing, Self-Effacing Type: Receptive, Reassuring, Agreeable, and Complacent-Type Descriptions, The Enneagram Institute

Joe Alvarado

For the record, I think that Joe is the healthiest version of a Nine there is. He is the most solid, even-keel guy you can imagine, bless him. He gets along with basically everyone- unless you are attacking his kids, in which case he will punch you in the face, but then that’s understandable.

Joe is quietly protective and kind. He has an energetic and positive outlook on life, despite some hard things that have happened to him. (But it kind of breaks me inside to think that Nines have a fear of separation, considering that Joe is divorced. Ouch).

Chara Alvarado

I almost put Chara as a Seven due to her sometimes unbridled enthusiasm for life, but I landed on Nine because she is SO conflict avoidant. She likes to make other people happy and is the epitome of easy-going. She’s not quite as healthy as her dad yet, and is prone to bend over backwards to avoid confrontation.

Though she can be kind of crazy and a little scattered, she’s very sensitive to the emotions of the people around her and usually knows what’s up. She is especially in tune to the needs of her sister, but maybe that’s just a sister thing and not an Enneagram type thing.


Hm, that ended up being harder than I thought it would be. But still fun! Every time I try to do something involving personality types I just confuse myself by overthinking everything…but eh, oh well.

Are you familiar with the Enneagram? Do you agree with my placements of the characters? What would you do differently? Do you have any opinions on what some of the other characters would be (like Melete and Savannah and Joshua and such)? Are there any fantastic type Four examples that I missed? I hope all two of you enjoyed reading this!

2 thoughts on “Explaining (Or Muddling??) The Enneagram With Characters From The Silver Eye~ In Which I Confuse Myself And Probably You

  1. AGGGGGHHHH SPONGE YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXCITED I WAS TO SEE THIS IN MY FEED. I may have, um, just finally read The Silver Eye this past week and become mildly obsessed with it, so. The timing. *flails* (This past. WEEK. What is this coincidence.)

    I don’t know a whole lot about the Enneagram, and I was even more Suspicious of it than of personality typification than usual until very recently, but whatevs, it’s kind of fun and ESPECIALLY fun for things like this. (What are personality tests for, if not to apply them to fiction, hmmm? Surely we’re not going to use them on OURSELVES or anything, ha, ha, heh.)

    APEN AS A ONE. I can totally see it. Which would help explain why I was so annoyed when I got Apen on the Silver Eye character test (TWICE), because while I /do/ relate to him on the level of always-concerned-about-doing-the-right-thing (and on the being-Catholic level), that’s…about it? But I couldn’t put my finger on why I didn’t relate to him more (other than, like, his trauma levels being so high)? Anywho him being a One and me very much NOT being a one (…at least, I don’t think. wut is an enneagram) makes sense. XD Poor Apen. I do care about him. More than I yet realize.

    IDONY. I love her so much. I think she must be my Favorite. She’s such a…good-hearted, nurturing, spirited woman. And so in touch with her femininity? She’s the Feminine Genius in the story, I think, and I love her to pieces. She is the best. No questions asked. I /want/ to be her. And a Two makes sense for her, I think.

    I love that you put Velvare and Bhatair as two different people though? And it makes me really sad that young Bhatair is so much more…real than Velvare? (Why do I like this guy so much, Sponge. I SHOULD NOT LIKE THIS GUY AS MUCH AS I DO.) But gosh, if Fours are focused on making an identify for themselves, and then Bhatair transforms into someone who’s always hiding behind a mask…that makes a TON OF SENSE. (Also, your thing with the masks reminds me of Joseph Pearce’s biography of Oscar Wilde. And I love Oscar Wilde. So it actually makes a ton of sense that I like Velvare so much.)

    MARCUS. Also somehow my favorite. Dear bean. So attached to his library. Books as the key to survival. Yes. I relate. But also…honey. *pats him on the head*

    Berlyne and Avidan both need hugs, I think, but then, what’s new in The Silver Eye.

    ENEL. Goodness yes he has all the appearances of a Seven, but also yes he is so insecure underneath it all. It took me awhile to realize that and make sense of his character, but once it clicked it just works so well??? It’s so REAL. Oh, Enel. I LOVE THAT KID SO MUCH AND I JUST WANT TO GIVE HIM HUGS. …Maybe Idony’s not my favorite, maybe it’s Enel. (I just like my happy characters, okay. Especially ones that are actually way more accustomed to suffering than people suspect. *hugs Enel*)

    Buuuuut also on the other hand I TOTALLY love the characters who are OBVIOUSLY traumatized with no happy veneer whatsoever, and that’s why we love Noah. *hugs Noah* The poor guy, he tries. He tries so hard. And no he is not healthy, not healthy at all, that’s why he needs hugs.

    The fact that you put Joe as a Nine. ❤ It is. So perfect. I approve. (Also having Joe as Most Healthy Nine Ever and Chara as Not Quite So Healthy Nine is very helpful for human-nature-studying purposes, I think?)

    Annnnnnyway I am one of the two (three now?) people who read this post and loved it and are so glad you used your blog to indulge your whims and in the process indulge other peoples' whims as well. XD

    Liked by 1 person

      YOU READ THE SILVER EYE. YOU KNOW AND LOVE THESE CHARACTERS NOW. *breaks into happy dance, and also possibly screams in delight*

      Okay, but I’m calm.
      Fiction is the ONLY application for personality type tests and such, I find. I was never interested in them until I figured out that I could use them in this way.

      Yeah, the Silver Eye character quiz is kind of hit and miss (as most of those types of quizzes are). My sisters and I took it and only one of the results made much sense. Which character do you actually relate to the most, if any of them?

      Poor dear Apen. I’m glad you can see his Oneness (even though “wut is an enneagram” indeed). He was one of the easiest characters for me to place. It was just…so obvious to me. It took me a little bit to warm up to him (partly because I felt too much like I was supposed to like him the best? *shrugs* But he has grown on me a LOT and I’m particularly excited about how the Syllor’s Curse thing is going to develop (though also a bit worried, because…I don’t think Apen can handle this…poor Apen. Like he doesn’t have enough Trauma already).

      IDONY. I LOVE HER TOO. (And the most recent page HURT me, but I love it so much!!) She has such a quiet strength, but she’s also fragile. She is just…the sweetest person and I don’t want her to suffer. *weeping*

      Haha, I’m glad you approve of me putting Velvare and Bhatair as separate people! It took me a while to decide that I liked this guy, because REASONS (mostly involving Avidan and Enel, because he messed up SO BAD with these kids and I will scream about it all day, which my sisters can attest to), but….after I’m done screaming, I remember that Bay also has Much Trauma? And just because he’s a COMPLETE JERK sometimes, doesn’t mean he’s not a sympathetic character, and he’s probably trying to help?? Just in a really messed up way?? I feel sorry for the guy. I even like him at this point. Really I do. (BUT HE HURT MY KIDS.)

      Marcus is probably the character I actually relate to the most, because…books. And not great people skills. And just…awkwardness. He’s another person that it took me a while to warm up to (I guess this happened with a lot of people?). Because he hurt my boy. But also WHO IS MARCUS?? This is what I really need to know.

      Oh, absolutely, Berlyne and Avidan need so many hugs (but like you said, that’s nothing new here). I love them both dearly. Avidan especially (THIS POOR NEGLECTED BOY). Though, Berlyne has grown on me a lot recently…

      ACK, I’m so happy that you love Enel! He’s definitely one of my favorites, and I LOVE how he acts so carefree but is secretly kind of angsty. The way the character is developed works so well, and it breaks me a little bit on the inside just thinking about it.

      NOAH. If I had to choose a favorite character right now, it might be him. *cries* I really don’t know what he thinks he’s doing, but I love him so much (and his relationship with IDONY is so precious). He can be so aggravating, but somehow I haven’t ever hated him. I just get frustrated and want him to stop messing himself up so he can be HAPPY.

      YAY, I’m glad you approve of Joe being a Nine. That was another easy one. 🙂 I love Joe so much.

      Yes, you are number 3! Thank you so much for reading and commenting, Megan!! I know I already said this, but your comment made me SO HAPPY. I’m just thrilled that you read and enjoyed The Silver Eye. 🙂


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