Reflections On Having Emotions (Or Something)~ In Which I Draw A Rather Unflattering Parallel

Hi, guys.

So, once upon a time I decided that crying is essentially the emotional equivalent to throwing up.

And I thought, huh, that’s kind of weird, I probably won’t write a blog post about that one…

But I’m so emotionally and physically exhausted at this point in time (having just participated in my baby sister’s wedding, you know) that such a thing just seems appropriate.

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How My Opinions On TV Shows Have Changed (And How They Haven’t)

Hey there, blogger buddies!

In my post The Trouble With Sequels~Featuring Why I Don’t Typically Like TV Shows, I expressed my disdain for TV shows as a species. I’m sure I have mentioned it in other posts as well.

But as you may have noticed, I also spend a lot of time telling you of my undying love for several TV shows…my inconsistency is…well, it’s something.

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Reflections On Cynicism~ In Which A Sponge Shares Her Safety Blanket With The World

Hello, my friends!

It’s time for another Deep Philosophical Ramble about what is going on in this sponge-brain of mine. Today I will be rambling about my problems with cynicism and pessimism and and how these things effect my view of life. And of course this will all relate to stories eventually because obviously everything does.

I consider myself to be a cynic. I have considered myself to be a cynic for pretty much as long as I can remember. At times I have taken pride in it, and at times I have been mildly annoyed by it. But in any event, it’s become a part of who I am. Continue reading

The Trouble With Sequels~Featuring Why I Don’t Typically Like TV Shows

Good day, chums!

Today I am going to be rambling about how sick I am of sequels, why sequels are finicky beasts to begin with, and why this ties into the fact that I don’t like TV shows as a species.

As you can tell, the tone of this post is probably going to be rather negative. But never fear! If it gets too depressing you can stop whenever you wish and go find yourself a muffin. Just make sure it’s not poisoned before you eat it.

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The Shadow Proves The Sunshine~In Which I Ramble About Why Perfect Worlds Are Boring And Why We Need Darkness In Stories

Salutations, fellow citizens of earth! (If you don’t live on earth, salutations anyway!) I am excited that you are here, and I hope you are ready to be bombarded with words by an overly zealous sponge.

Today we are going to talk about my favourite thing: STORIES

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