I Know You Guys Don’t Watch Anime, But Let Me Tell You About Trigun Stampede~ In Which I Get Oddly Excited About An Undertaker And Sand

Greetings, everybody!

You know when you stumble across a story by accident and you’re just like, “…this is really good”? (But you’re kind of in shock about it because do people even still know how to make good stories now that it’s 2023??)

Well, that happened to me recently.

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Redheaded Orphans With Issues~ In Which It’s Sometimes Hard To Tell The Difference Between Annoying And A Winning Personality

Hey, folks!

You know how some characters are just…well…on the obnoxious side? Maybe you get why they are obnoxious (insecurities and such, you know) and you have grace for them. Maybe you love them in spite of it. Or maybe they’re just too obnoxious to be lovable, excuses aside.

I have compiled a list of some characters that could be considered obnoxious, to varying degrees…. They also happen to all be orphans with red hair and quite possibly some level of abandonment issues.

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A Sponge’s Ranking Of (Almost) Every Pixar Movie~ In Which I Flail About Motorized Vehicles, Rodents, Insects, And A Very Special Trash Compacter

Greetings, bloggerly chums!

I have been an ardent Pixar fan since I was very small. My parents raised me to appreciate the merit of animated movies, not merely as a form of entertainment for children, but as a legitimate storytelling medium…let’s just say we can get a little bit nerdy about it at times.

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An Ode To Curmudgeons

Hey there, folks!

Today I draw your attention to that lovable specimen known commonly as the “Grump”, the “Grouch” or the “Curmudgeon.” My list ranges from part-time grumps to Hard-Core Curmudgeons (and may include one or two people that I just wanted an excuse to mention, if I’m being honest here). I apologize in advance for the excessive usage of the words “grump” and “curmudgeon” (as well as variations thereof) within this post.

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Another Year Has Come And Gone~ In Which I Consumed Stories (As Is My Custom) And Evidently 2022 Is Upon Us

Hello, my friends!

I hope you all had a splendid Christmas and got to spend quality time with all those crazy people we call friends and family and eat too many cookies and sing in four-part harmony (more or less) about the miracle of Christ’s birth and maybe even enjoy some snow (we have TONS of it and it’s beautiful but also DRIVING in it is kind of a NIGHTMARE).

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