Another Year Has Come And Gone~ In Which I Consumed Stories (As Is My Custom) And Evidently 2022 Is Upon Us

Hello, my friends!

I hope you all had a splendid Christmas and got to spend quality time with all those crazy people we call friends and family and eat too many cookies and sing in four-part harmony (more or less) about the miracle of Christ’s birth and maybe even enjoy some snow (we have TONS of it and it’s beautiful but also DRIVING in it is kind of a NIGHTMARE).

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An Ode To Recorded Theatre~ How To Enjoy Broadway From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Yo, my friends!

For those of you who haven’t become acquainted with the fact, I love theatre. I participate in theatrical productions in my community, I go to local shows, and I listen to original cast recordings of Broadway musicals galore. I also sometimes spend way more money than I probably should to go see live performances of Broadway shows on tour. Continue reading

Books That Should Be Made Into Broadway Musicals~In Which We Encounter Emotional Turmoil And Smoked Salmon

Good morrow to you, my blogger chums!

Something has come to my attention:

There aren’t enough musicals in the world. (This is definitely a fact, not an opinion.)

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Wait, That’s The Same Person?~In Which I Am In Awe About Actors’ Amazing Abilities

Greetings, my friends!

There are a lot of pretty fantastic things in the world. Like books, for example. And salmon. But we are not going to talk about books or salmon today, alas. We are going to talk about actors.

I watch a lot of movies, okay. I am basically an expert in the art of cinema. To be honest I spend most of my time tearing it apart, but today I am going to talk about something that is actually quite fantastic. Continue reading

Where Hast Thou Fled, Yesteryear?~In Which We Discuss Stories In A Multiplicity Of Their Forms, As Usual

Well, would you look at that, it’s 2019.

Greetings, everyone, be ye human, dragon, fish, fowl or sponge! Another year has flown past my eyeballs and I am perturbed by how rapidly time is flying. Time, it seems, has no regard for the speed limit.

As is my custom, I have been looking back on the last year to see what I discovered therein. I am also curious to see what I accomplished, though that list is alarmingly short.

This post is a compilation of my book, movie and theatrical findings from 2018, as well as a few random accomplishments and milestones.

Let us begin.

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An Ode To Mornings…Sort Of~In Which There Is A High Chance Of Singing

Hello, friends!

I am in college. That means I actually have to get up in the morning.

This is a terribly difficult thing for some people. By which I mean PLEASE JUST LET ME SLEEP WHY HAS THE SUN RISEN???

I am not a morning person. So getting up every day for school can be a bit of a trial for me, (especially when I stay up until eleven watching Disney channel movies with my siblings but shhh). Continue reading

Older Siblings That I Do Not Want To Emulate~In Which I Might Accidentally Relate To A Few Of Them Anyway

Hey everybody!

Recently I did a post (partsĀ I andĀ II) about my fictional heroes. There are quite a few characters that I look up to.

There are also a lot of characters that I…don’t.

As an oldest sibling, I often think about the way I interact with my sisters and whether or not I am being all that an older sibling should be. One way to feel better about myself is to compare myself to older siblings in books, Broadway shows, and movies/TV shows that are particularly awful.

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