Bookish Reviewish~ In Which Farming Is Wholesome, Spies Are Sleep-Deprived, And A Robot Dog Saves The Day Way Too Many Times

Hello, bloggerly chums!

Theatre is taking over my life. Not literally. But when your parents run a theatre company, it can feel that way sometimes.

Not that we are talking about theatre in this post, actually. We are talking about books. I’m still reading the books, despite the theatre overload. So all is well.

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Bookish Reviewish, Bookman Histories~ In Which I Cannot Handle The Chaos That Is Aliens And Alternate History

Hello, everyone!

Whatever else is going on in the life, the books are always being read. As for the cohesive thoughts about said books actually existing, well…that remains to be seen. The good(?) news is, that even if the cohesive thoughts are lacking, a blog post is still forthcoming. The inability to articulately analyze a thing never stopped me from talking about it before, and it’s certainly not going to stop me now.

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10 Random Dickens Things That Make Me Happy~ In Which We Will Encounter Several Old People, A Remarkable Head Of Hair, And A Morbid Sandwich Joke

Hello, folks!

Today is a Dickens day. For no particular reason. I just love Dickens. In this post I will share with you ten completely random Dickens things that make me happy. I just picked one from each book I’ve read (plus one that I haven’t gotten to yet). They are little things. Minor characters and descriptions and such. Dickens is excellent at the little things, you know.

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The Smashing And Dashing Character Awards 2022~ In Which I Resonate With A Deranged Lizard For No Apparent Reason And I Actually Like Some Romance

Greetings, folks!

Welcome, one and all, to 2023. We made it, somehow, to another year.

And as a new year dawns, before we put the old year on the shelf to gather dust and nostalgia, we come here to remember the absolutely smashing and dashing characters we met in 2022. Because we must take every opportunity to babble about fictional characters, yes?

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Redheaded Orphans With Issues~ In Which It’s Sometimes Hard To Tell The Difference Between Annoying And A Winning Personality

Hey, folks!

You know how some characters are just…well…on the obnoxious side? Maybe you get why they are obnoxious (insecurities and such, you know) and you have grace for them. Maybe you love them in spite of it. Or maybe they’re just too obnoxious to be lovable, excuses aside.

I have compiled a list of some characters that could be considered obnoxious, to varying degrees…. They also happen to all be orphans with red hair and quite possibly some level of abandonment issues.

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