The Mom Awards, Movies/TV Edition~ In Which Moms Are Good At Making Wholesome Meals, Training Frogs, And Fighting Monsters

Greetings, bloggerly chums!

If you hadn’t noticed, this weekend is Mother’s Day. So today we are doing some mom awards! For this post, I will be acknowledging noteworthy moms in movies and TV shows.

And that’s all the introduction you’re getting today.

The High-Energy-and-Eccentrically-Creative Mom Award

Franny Robinson (Meet the Robinsons)

She discovered the remarkable musical abilities of frogs, guys, and is the director of a very classy frog jazz group. She enacts theatrical martial arts/meatball cannon stand-offs with her brother at the dinner table. She gives her son helpful reminders to lock the garage door (which he may or may not heed, but whatever). She’s great.

The Super-Solid-and-Supportive Mom Award

Laura Barton (MCU)

For someone with such little screen time, Laura is kind of awesome? She is SO supportive of her family and always knows what’s up. And with a family like hers, it’s kind of important to know what’s up. She is just such a calm, rock-solid presence in their lives.

The Maybe-a-Little-Too-Extreme Mom Award

Lady Jessica (Dune, part 1)

So…she’s kind of in a creepy cult? And by extension so is her son?? But ASIDE from the sketchiness of that (you know, it’s not a big deal or anything) she is a VERY devoted mom. She’s doing what she thinks is best for Paul, you know. Even if it’s…sometimes concerning. But yeah! She puts her whole heart into what she does, I’ll give her that.

 The Exercising-Enthusiast-Cheerleader Mom Award

Laurel Lightfoot (Onward)

Laurel raised her two boys on her own and she is their ultimate cheerleader. She strives to be positive and supportive in the absence of the boys’ dad, and she always encourages them to be the best that they can be. Oh, and she isn’t opposed to wielding a sword if the need arises.

The Homey-and-Huggable-and-All-around-Wholesome Mom Award

May Parker (Spiderman 1-3)

Though technically his aunt rather than his mom, Aunt May (along with Uncle Ben) essentially raised Peter, so…yeah, she’s his mom. (And there is only one Aunt May for me, folks.) She is so steady and comforting…but she’s also known to whack supervillains with her umbrella, so there’s some sass there as well.

The No-Nonsense-Would-Win-a-Glaring-Contest Mom Award

Felicity Fox (Fantastic Mr. Fox)

She won’t take nonsense from anyone. (Yet somehow she’s married to the most nonsensical fox there is? Funny how that works.) She can be blunt and strict sometimes, but she loves her boy so much, and he knows it (no matter how grumpy he is about…well…everything). She’s also great with a paintbrush and explosives.

The Giver-of-Profound-Advice-That-Probably-No-One-is-Going-to-Listen-to Mom Award

Valentina (West Side Story 2021)

Though not actually anyone’s mom in the film, Valentina is one of the best honorary mothers, so I wanted to mention her. She takes the troubled Tony under her wing and gives the best advice. Even if no one really ends up listening to her. (Maybe that’s why so many people end up dead, hm?)

The Very-Kind-but-Also-Very-Dead Mom Award

Trisha Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Trisha is so affectionate and loving to her sons. Too bad she’s not around for very long… But hey, they appreciated her so much that they tried to bring her back to life! That’s a compliment, I guess?

The Seriously-Whip-You-into-Shape Mom Award

Izumi Curtis (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Honorary mom to Ed and Al. Technically their teacher. She is super harsh and strict and usually seems on the verge of causing them bodily harm, but SHE LOVES THEM SO MUCH. She is quite the intense house-wife.

The-I-Will-Feed-You-And-That-Will-Fix-All-Your-Emotional-Problems Mom Award

Akari Kawamoto (March Comes in Like a Lion)

Ah, ye classic older sibling mom sub. When their mother dies, Akari is left with the care of her two younger sisters, and she does her best to fill the Mom-Shoes. She puts her whole heart into caring for them, and ensures that they always have something delicious to warm them up, bless her. Plus she gets bonus points for low-key being a mom to Rei and feeding him so that he doesn’t just fade away like the house plant that he is.

The Leave-That-Window-Open-or-I-Might-Have-a-Mental-Breakdown Mom Award

Mary Darling (Peter Pan 2003)

This woman won’t give up on her kids, which is a very important mom quality to have. After her fancy night-light guard idea backfires and her darling children vanish without a trace, she never gives up hope that they will return to her. ThE WiNdOw MuST AlWayS bE oPeN fOr ThEm.

The Snarky-Culinary-Genius-and-Ultra-dedicated Mom Award

Sachiko Fujinuma (Erased)

It took me a second to realize how AMAZING Sachiko is. But she is the best anime mom. She is super snarky but also the sweetest most supportive mom ever and she will make you cry by her sheer dedication to her boy. Also she makes delicious food, which is always a plus.

The Exhausted-And-I-Can’t-Take-a-Nap-Because-My-Son-Will-Unleash-a-Raccoon-or-Something Mom Award

Annie Hughes (The Iron Giant)

Annie Hughes is kind of Done. She is a working mom trying to raise her hyperactive son alone, and I’m guessing there’s a lot of sleep-deprivation going on here. But she does her best under the circumstances and, you know, tries to make Hogarth eat his veggies. And there’s no amount of Tired that will prevent her from doing everything to protect this kid.

The Hardcore-Protect-My-Kids-from-Monsters-Literally-Right-After-Giving-Birth Mom Award

Evelyn Abbot (A Quiet Place parts 1 and 2)

Speaking of protecting your kids. Evelyn does her best to raise her children in a semblance of normalcy, despite the terrifying monsters running rampant through the world at the time. Like, sure we live in the apocalypse but life still happens and we don’t have to freak out all the time, you know? She is loving and supportive and makes wholesome meals and all good things like that. But she will also shoot monsters in the face with her shotgun if they threaten her kids.

The Down-to-Earth-Superhero-Who-Flies-Jets-But-Not-Rockets Mom Award

Helen Parr (The Incredibles)

She is invested in her kids’ lives and will help them figure out school problems as well as superhero angst problems. Will turn into a parachute or a boat if the need arises. She is kind of the coolest mom, honestly.


Moms are amazing, and they come in all sorts of personalities. Whether they are our moms by birth or someone who adopted us (literally or figuratively), a mom is such an important figure to have in our lives, and they deserve our appreciation.

What is something that you appreciate about your mom? Which of the moms on my list is the most like your own? Who are some of your favorite fictional moms? Do you have Mother’s Day plans, or are you low-key panicking about it like I am?

11 thoughts on “The Mom Awards, Movies/TV Edition~ In Which Moms Are Good At Making Wholesome Meals, Training Frogs, And Fighting Monsters

  1. HEAR HEAR, THERE IS ONLY ONE AUNT MAY. Thank you. And she is the best. Definitely Peter’s Mom. DEFINITELY.

    I don’t know a whole lot of the moms on this list, which is sad? But I love how many honorary mothers there are on here. ❤

    (Low-key panicking, definitely.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK YOU. Aunt May is definitely the best, I am glad that you agree. 🙂 I just rewatched the first Spiderman movie recently and I JUST LOVE HER. But I really need to rewatch the second one. For the toaster. And the umbrella.

      Yeah, honorary mothers are so amazing! I couldn’t help but slip a few on here…or perhaps more than a few. I hope that you meet more of these moms someday, because they are all worth knowing.


  2. “She’s also great with a paintbrush and explosives.” Two very important skills! So long as you can keep everything under control, that is. I used to dabble in one of the two, and always made a mess. (I had a great uncle who dabbled in the other, and he also made a mess).
    I’m afraid I only know a couple of the Mums listed. Franny Robinson is one of them, and I think she is the one most like my own.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed! Wow, that’s amazing. The bit about your great uncle definitely made me chuckle.
      Really? Because I think that Franny is probably the most like my mom as well! That’s funny.


  3. Ahhh I love this so much, Sponge!
    So many beautiful characters smashed into one post.
    Mom’s really are the most incredible people and should probably be celebrated every single day and not just a random Sunday in May. This post is very sweet and wholesome, with the regular dash of Sponge-ish humor and I am always here for it. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Listening to mother figures would make SO MANY LESS CHARACTERS DIE

    “they appreciated her so much that they tried to bring her back to life!” hELP. And older sibling “mums” are precious! I haven’t seen The Iron Giant but the combo of that picture plus the “Done and Tired but will do anything to protect her kid” is very intriguing, I think I might love.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. SO TRUE. *weeps for the poor idiot children who don’t heed their mothers good advice*

      “hELP” indeed. These boys need so much help. My dears. Aren’t they, though?! I love older sibling “mums”. OKAY BUT. YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE IRON GIANT?? DARLING!! *shoves movie obnoxiously in your face* IT’S ONE OF MY FAVORITE MOVIES YOU MUST WATCH IT AT ONCE.

      Liked by 1 person

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