The Mystery Blogger Tag…Take Three

Hello, my friends!

Because I am so utterly mysterious, I have been tagged for The Mystery Blogger Tag YET AGAIN. This time by the illustrious CM, 2 Tim 1:7, Fdr. of Project Pursue Wisdom.

Here are the RULES:

1. Put the award logo/image on your blog.

2. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog. (Many thanks to CM and you should all go check out Project Pursue Wisdom because it’s fantastic!)

3. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well (this award was created by Okoto Enigmas)

4. Answer the five questions you were asked. (This may prove more difficult than it sounds.)

6. You have to nominate ten – twenty people. (Um, nope.)

7. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blogs.

8. Ask your nominees any five questions of your choice with one weird or funny question.

9. Share a link to your best post(s). (As if I could possibly narrow it down.)

Um, I don’t know why the rules are so tiny and I don’t know how to fix it. Oh well.

Here is the aforementioned logo:

All right, on to the questions!

1) What is one vice you must fight against the most often?

Hm…there are many. But probably arrogance. I tend to think I am more awesome than other people. (I mean, obviously I am more awesome than other people?) But yeah.

Some people just stay the whole day procrastinating on the ...

2) Which fictional character can you relate to the most and why?

Oh, I relate to all of them. Well, almost.

I actually (weirdly enough) really related to Rodion Raskolnikov when I read Crime and Punishment several years ago: the way he’s so pathetic and gets so wrapped up in his own thoughts and thinks he’s better than everyone but at the same time he hates himself and spends the whole book moping around and being freaked out about stuff and not doing relationships correctly AT ALL.

…It wasn’t because he was an axe-murderer or anything.

I’ve never killed anyone with an axe.

In case you wondered.

GIF lotredit - animated GIF on GIFER

3) Pick three historical figures that you wish to meet and have tea/coffee with. What you would discuss with them?

I don’t like coffee. Or tea. Or talking to people. But I think that’s not really the point of the question.

Historical. Historical figures. That means real people I think. Um…

Huh? (The Sword in the Stone) | Reaction GIFs

(Above, we see a representation of me struggling to remember any further back than the last two minutes to scrounge up the name of a historical human.)

1. Charles Dickens- I would discuss the ending of The Mystery of Edwin Drood and ask him if he had an ending of any kind in mind or if he didn’t know what was supposed to happen any more than the rest of us. I haven’t actually read that (unfinished) book, but the fact that it was a murder mystery essentially and the author died before it was completed is somewhat intriguing.

2. C.S. Lewis- ALL THE THINGS. I mean, theology and literature and philosophy and psychology… Actually though I would have no idea how to talk to this man and I should probably just stick to reading his works and pretending that I’m not totally out of my depth.

3. Charlotte Brontë- I have always thought that the Brontë sisters were super cool, especially since I have sisters who all write so I feel a kind of camaraderie with them. I don’t know. I would want to talk about writing, obviously. What else? I would want to discuss all the stories that she and her siblings came up with as kids and how she evolved from an imaginative kid with stories in her head to a famous author with stories out in the world that continue to impact people even all these years later.

I just realized that all of their names start with C. That was a coincidence. They are all authors. That is not really a coincidence, because I am obsessed with writers and writing and words and literature. I just hope that if I talked to any of these authors I would somehow absorb some of their literary awesomeness.

4) What story world would you choose to live in until your dying breath? (Yep, there’s no goin’ back.)

I usually choose Middle Earth for questions like this (The Shire is MY HOME), but right now I’m actually thinking Narnia. The TRUE Narnia that they go to in the end of The Last Battle. Because it’s essentially Heaven. The ending of that book always gets to me.

the neverending story bastian bux gif | WiffleGif

5) What is one movie you wish more people would watch? (Or a book if you’re really not into films.)

Love and Mercy. It’s a biopic about Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys. Which doesn’t necessarily sound super exciting, but it’s SO GOOD.

Love & Mercy (film) - Wikipedia

You don’t have to be a major Beach Boys fan to enjoy this film. I had heard their music, but I was never really into them (I’m still not). The story can speak to anyone. It gives such a moving picture of an artist struggling with mental illness. It’s about a musical artist, but the struggle can apply to any kind of artist. Or any human being, for that matter.

love and mercy | Tumblr

Even though I haven’t dealt with anything nearly as extreme as Brian Wilson has, the character in the film is strangely relatable. The acting is phenomenal as well.

“Best” Posts

Here are a few stellar posts of mine:

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There you have it. You can read my previous Mystery Blogger Tags here and here.

What about you, my mysterious friends? Which historical figures would you like to have tea with? Do you ever relate to disturbing characters? Do you find yourself struggling to interact normally with other humans, or does it come naturally to you? What is a movie that you think more people should watch? Tell me all these mysterious facts in the comments!

20 thoughts on “The Mystery Blogger Tag…Take Three

  1. This was such an enjoyment to read! 😀 Hmm, about Raskolnikov…I wanted to punch him and slap him most of the time because of his constant want of self-esteem and sheer lack of motivation, but maybe that’s because I often want to slap myself for the same reason. GAAAH yesss, one part of me would LOVE to have a conversation with amazing historical figures like C.S Lewis….but the other part would be absolutely terrified to talk to them and would feel entirely out of my league. Such is life. *sighs* And I totally agree, the end of The Last Battle gets me EVERY time, but the way its described, going “further out and further in”, I get shivers of delight. On the other hand, spending my life in Middle Earth would be pretty sweet…especially in a peaceful time…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you!
      Haha, yeah, Raskolnikov is certainly an infuriating character, but it is partly due to recognizing my own failings in him. It’s rather annoying.
      I feel like with most inspiring historical figures I am really much better off admiring them from a distance.
      YES. Narnia and Middle Earth are just both so amazing.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. YES, I get the Rodion reference again. Reading that book is really paying off dividends. I would totally be okay if you mentioned him in every post. Also, what I got from Rodion is that he tried to be cold-hearted to be great, and then beat himself when he failed, but him failing actually showed he was great because he had his humanity. Is that similar at all to what you got?
    Ohh, that’s hard about the historical characters. C. S. Lewis is a very good one. OH, I thought of one. He isn’t completely historical in the sense that he’s alive, but he is completely historical in the sense that he was on the Apollo 11 mission. Michael Collins is my favorite astronaut, and it would be awesome to talk to him. I would probably be pretty starstruck though.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha, well, at the rate I’m going that might end up happening. 😉
      Yeah, I think your summary of Rodion is pretty accurate. It’s been so long since I read it, but I think I remember concluding something similar. That’s how he can be so awful and so likable at the same time I guess. He’s just so confused.
      Ooh, yes, Michael Collins is an excellent choice! It would be kind of amazing to meet someone who had been to space.

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  3. Dear Mllm. Story Sponge:
    I feel exceptionally honoured that you have responded to my MBT questions.
    Thank you – I really enjoyed reading your answers!

    1) YES. Pride is my downfall. And I agree with CS Lewis completely when he pointed out that it is a Sin that can be so elusive… yet deadly.

    2) Oh my goodness! Raskolnikov! I was so tired of spelling out his name in my Lit class years ago we all nicknamed him Rasky. xD Anyways, I love him. Dostoevsky rules. (Such a premise, such a character arcs, and Sonya… *sighs* who doesn’t love Sonya?) It’s wonderful to know another reader who loves him too. 🙂

    3) Oooh – I love your historical figures choices! Haha – and C’s my favorite letter, as I’m sure you know why. 😉 Also- have you watched Walk Invisible: The Bronte Sisters (PBS,Masterpiece,BBC)? I’ve always been very fascinated with Emily Bronte (and Wuthering Heights in general).

    4) You mean I’m not the only one who re-read the ending of The Last Battle over and over and over again?

    5) Hmmm – will have to check out Love & Mercy. It reminds me a bit of Walk the Line (biopic on Johnny Cash).

    I relate to Ender Wiggin, which some people call ruthless and disturbing and NOT like his age at all… So consequently of course that means I do have difficulty interacting with other people naturally.

    MOVIE: I re-watched LEGENDS OF THE FALL recently. And It’s So Perfectly Epic (on the tragic side). Contents aside, everything about the story and – the SCENERY (beautiful big sky, mountains, rivers, supposed all in Montana in the story but in reality filmed up in Canada) – and the CHARACTERS (Tristan – Brad Pitt – and his brothers and father – Anthony Hopkins – and Susanna are so complex and perfectly casted and acted). One huge point I learned this time round as a writer is how emotionally invested the audience will be if you think up the worst thing that can happen to your characters, then make it ten times worse…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You are most welcome, my friend!
      Ah, C.S. Lewis. He has something profound to say on almost every topic. It’s insane. That man was incredibly gifted.
      Yes, Dostoyevksy is amazing. The fact that he was able to make Raskolnikov likable is impressive.
      I have not seen that! I will have to check it out.
      I haven’t seen Walk the Line or Legends of the Fall. I love movies that make you emotionally invested in the characters though. And tragedy…okay, I’m not as big on tragedy. But sometimes it’s pretty amazing.
      Thanks so much for your lovely comment!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah- you’re very welcome! 🙂
        Yep – I find that Dostoevsky truly captured the human nature and fickleness and paradoxes in all his characters in C&P.
        Yes! Let me/us your readers know when/if you get a chance to seen them!

        Hmm… so when I said tragedy I didn’t mean the Shakespeare type. 😀 But in Legends of the Fall there definitely are heartbreaking turning points for the characters and the audience (who inevitably invested in the characters). I found it to be amazing, even though the hero/es are not always Perfect (it really offers great lessons on “how to write an epic hero with imperfections”). It’s one of those movies that the more I think about it the more interesting it is, and the more “writer” lessons it teaches me as a writer, and the more it teaches one about the depths and truths (the goods and bads) of human nature and familial as well as romantic relationships. Many lessons that C&P offers but unfortunately without the redemption because of Christ. Yet the different view is interesting to chew on.

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  4. Oh my. I just realised how relatable Raskolnikov is (in my case ALSO NOT because he’s an axe-murderer) and also the vice he struggles with most is definitely arrogance so…yeah.
    Interacting normally with other people is probably the thing I am worst at. Like, worse than fixing cars, which I can’t do AT ALL. I don’t understand why it’s so hard, or why it comes so naturally to some people…or why everyone isn’t just like ME because then it would come naturally. Staring would be socially acceptable, as would random questions and bluntly saying no to invitations….

    I haven’t read Edwin Drood either, but I too have always thought it so interesting that Dickens apparently knew how it was going to end and yet we never will. Didn’t he hint to Queen Victoria that he’d give her spoilers if she really wanted? And she was like, nah, I’ll find out with the public, as the instalments come out? If only she’d KNOWN. We could have known how it would turn out and yet we don’t and never will. So, in short, asking Dickens about that is a grand idea.
    And C. S. Lewis, yes. If one was able to actually get him talking and just listen 😂 He has a very pleasant voice too.

    I don’t watch many movies but I want to see Love and Mercy now. Quite a lot. (Also, I do rather like the Beach Boys. Are they not your type of music, or what?)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know, it’s rather disturbing how relatable Raskolnikov is. And interacting with people is HARD.
      Wow, I hadn’t heard the story about Charles Dickens and Queen Victoria. If only she had known!
      Haha, yes. I would love to listen to C.S. Lewis just talk. especially since that would mean I wouldn’t have to think of anything to say.
      The Beach Boys are fine, they’re just not my favorite. I have always low-key liked their sound, but I’m not a FAN, exactly. I guess mainly it’s because I’m not into their lyrics most of the time? They seem to be mostly love songs. Or songs about surfing. Or something. They’re just kind of bland as far as lyrics go, but I do like the sound of their music and I do listen to them. That was kind of a long explanation…


      1. Okay, thank you for the long explanation! I feel exactly the same about the Beach Boys. Very bland lyrics (except Little Deuce Coupe – I enjoy the lyrics on that one for some reason; I just really like car songs apparently???), but their sound is really fun and relaxing so I like to listen to them. Also they’re one of the things my sister and I can both listen to at the same time, so that’s nice. (We tend to have somewhat differing tastes, lol.)
        Are you one of those people to whom lyrics are nearly as important as sound in songs? My sister is like, who cares what they’re saying, the music sounds cool, but (with the exception, I have now realized, of the Beach Boys XD) I can’t look past the lyrics that easily. They have to be good TOO, you know?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Lyrics are very important to me! Obviously there are exceptions, and there are songs that I like for the sound, but mostly I want the lyrics to mean something to me. I also get bothered my lyrics rather easily, so for me I need to particularly like the lyrics, or they need to be kind of bland and/or innocuous. I can’t really ignore lyrics very well and just listen to the way a song sounds, so if the lyrics bother me for some reason, I won’t be able to enjoy the song.

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