What I’ve Been Reading~ In Which Stories Come In The Shape Of Books

Greetings, my dear friends!

As you no doubt know by now (hopefully), I love stories. Stories make me very happy. Or miserable, but it’s basically the same. And one of the best ways to obtain stories is through little rectangular objects called books. Books and I are the best of friends.

That does not imply that the stories within these books are not often extremely disappointing. I am VERY good at being disappointed by stories. I wish that someone would pay me to do this.

But that just makes it all the more glorious when I come across a book that contains a story that I genuinely like.

In order to spare you the rants, I have decided to make this post about the highlights of my recent reading endeavors. These are the books that I was impressed with. To some extent. If you haven’t read them, go at once to your local library and obtain them. I implore you. You don’t know what you are missing.

Which is why I am here to tell you all about it. You’re welcome.

Let us begin.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon

Image result for the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime

Even though I am an adult, I rarely read adult books. (Which is perfectly normal, right?) And honestly I think I would have enjoyed this more if it had been written for younger audiences. But nevertheless, I liked it.

Christopher is both an empathetic and a sympathetic character with a unique voice. It’s the kind of story that is written from the perspective of someone who doesn’t see as much as the reader sees, which is a fascinating concept to me. It was ever-so-slightly too depressing for me, (do adults like being depressed?) but overall I quite enjoyed it.

The Ugly Princess and the Wise Fool by Margaret Gray

Image result for the ugly princess and the wise fool

Okay, so as you can probably tell by the cover, this book is completely ridiculous. But it’s clever at the same time. I call it Being Stupid on Purpose. Trust me, it really works. There is a princess and a fairy godmother and an incognito wise man, and smoked salmon. For some reason I was particularly impressed by the smoked salmon.

It’s just a short, quirky fairy tale that would be excellent to read by a warm, crackling fire with a plate of boiled potatoes at your elbow and your pet dragon curled at your feet chewing on your enemy’s shinbone…or, erm, a head of lettuce.

See You in the Cosmos by Jack Cheng

Image result for see you in the cosmos

You know how sometimes I like books so much that I decide I need to adopt them? This might just be one of those books. My sister is the best at finding books like these, bless her.

Alex is a lonely eleven-year-old who wants to build a rocket and launch his golden iPod into outer space. He named his dog Carl Sagan, after his hero.

The formatting of this story is creative and effective. The whole story is told through a series of recordings that are made on Alex’s iPod. Most of them are of Alex himself talking, but some of them are…not. Wow, am I excelling at the descriptions today, or what? (Don’t answer that.)

I don’t really know how to describe how special this book is. Just read it. It’s very special, is all I can say.

Beverly, Right Here by Kate DiCamillo

Image result for beverly right here

Kate DiCamillo’s writing style is so beautiful that it makes me want to cry. I didn’t cry while I was reading this, which is disappointing. But I did like it a lot.

Beverly Tapinski can take care of herself. She doesn’t need anyone. And she doesn’t want anyone to need her either. But of course, people happen. And maybe that’s a good thing.

I didn’t like this book as much as most of Kate DiCamillo’s other books, honestly. But I liked it better than most of the other books I’ve read this year. Kate DiCamillo is just that good.


These are my newly discovered books, but most recently I have been rereading The Chronicles of Narnia, which never ceases to amaze me. Here is a brief list of just a few of the amazing things within this series:

1) The Pevensies are constantly talking and thinking about food, 2) Mr. Tumnus serves Lucy THREE kinds of toast, 3) The rabbit is convinced that Uncle Andrew is a kind of Lettuce, 4) Eustace attacks a Calormene soldier with his eyes closed, 5) Puddleglum is ME, 6) Hwin has more wisdom than all of her traveling companions put together, 7) The dufflepuds don’t know how to do logic, 8) The entire series is less than 1% romance.

I just love all the characters so much and I never get tired of reading their stories.

Finally, I will leave you with a cheery quote by a most esteemed and respectable marshwiggle:

“And you must always remember there’s one good thing about being trapped down here: it’ll save funeral expenses.” -Puddleglum, The Silver Chair

What have you been reading lately? Have you found anything that surprised you, or returned to any old favorites? What is a book that you could read over and over again without getting tired of? What is your favorite book that you discovered this year? Tell me all of your bookish news in the comments! And if you know of any more books about smoked salmon, my sponge ears are open.

25 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Reading~ In Which Stories Come In The Shape Of Books

    1. Oh, cool! It seems kind of obscure, I only knew about it because one of my friends had it and told me to read it.
      Haha, yes, I know how that feels. I hate SO MANY books, but if I just choose to write about the ones that I DON’T hate, I seem like a normal person. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Ooh these all sound like awesome books! 😀 Ahh yes Narnia. <333 OMW SAME PUDDLEGLUM IS SO ME AS WELL. X'D He's an AMAZING character. I just read The Boy That Steals Houses and really enjoyed it! And a book that I could read over and over again without getting tired is The Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. <333 And I'm afraid I have no news on smoked samon books. Alas. ;-D

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  2. PUDDLEGLUM. My soul-character, which naturally makes him one of the best characters in Narnia. xD I read The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep this summer, about this guy who can summon characters out of books, and it was AMAZING. Ooh, and then there’s The Ascendance Trilogy, three of the most witty, clever, all-around awesome books out there. I hereby order you to go check those out, and while you do that, I’ll do the same with the lovely books you mentioned. 😉 (Also, you are the most hilarious Sponge I’ve ever come across. Consider myself subscribed. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Another Puddleglum! Nice to meet you. 😉
      Oh dear, Uriah Heep has escaped??? That doesn’t sound good. The book however, sounds intriguing.
      Unfortunately I have tried to read the Ascendance Trilogy and it wasn’t my thing. I hope that does not totally blacken my name before you. I felt sort of bad about it too, because it is one of my friend’s favorite series.’
      Thank you so much for the compliment! I am thrilled that you take pleasure in my rambling. Thank you muchly for following my blog!

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  3. I am a millennial who does love the classics and the fantasies. I have been reading The Illiad and still not done.

    Well- I have written a book that recently began its fourth draft. It has a working title: Tale of the Cattail Forest. It took what felt forever to get to that title. I started creating the world and characters and plot long before I came up with the idea that I even wanted to get it published. I have always had a wild imagination- I have always been a storyteller, but this is the first time I have actually written one of my stories down.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Best of luck with the Iliad! I have yet to tackle something quite that old.
      Wow, congratulations on reaching the fourth draft of your story! I hope that your imagination continues to take you far.


      1. Well, in high school in tenth grade: we had to read Illiad and Odyssey for class- now I am attempting the entire works. I have always loved Greek Mythology.

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  4. Ooooh I’ve just looked up See You In The Cosmos on Goodreads and it looks great! I think I’ll try to get it from the library. And Kate DiCamillo is excellent–Because of Winn Dixie is the most wholesome tbook ever, and I remember my teacher reading us The Tale of Desperado in 6th grade haha. I just Finished Away We Go, which was VERY strange to be honest, and I don’t know how I feel.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. See You in the Cosmos is so good! I hope you get a chance to read it.
      Yes, Kate DiCamillo! Her stories are so simple and yet so powerful. I LOVE it…as you may have noticed. Ahem.
      I haven’t read that, but I have definitely read books that made me feel like I didn’t know what to feel. It’s not my favorite feeling.


  5. Looks like you’ve been reading some fantastic books! 😀 Great post!!

    In all honesty, though, I am not here just to tell you that I like your post…I have ulterior motives. 😉 I have come to petition that you write a post about your favorite Middle-grade novels because that would be fantastic. *puppy dog eyes* Please? 🥺

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you!
      Haha, I am glad that you are willing to be honest about your ulterior motives. 😉 Also I would be more than happy to write such a post! I am always happy to talk about books. If I write a post about my favorite middle-grade books, will you read at least one of them that you haven’t read yet and tell me what you think of it?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I tend to try and be an honest human. 😛
        Really?! YAY! I can’t wait to read it!! 😊 Absolutely! I agree to your terms and conditions. 😄 (Although I may end up reading more than just one of them…)

        Liked by 1 person

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