Two Years Old~In Which I Totally Forgot That It Was My Blog’s Birthday

Greetings, bloggerly chums!

So WordPress helpfully reminded me about my blog’s birthday. Otherwise I would still be oblivious to the fact that it recently turned two years old. I AM SUCH A GREAT PARENT.

But no matter. In honor of this occasion, I should do something honorific. Since I couldn’t think of anything extremely creative, I decided to do something random. I have compiled a list of ten random things that I love. Some of them for obvious reasons, and some for no rational reason that I can think of.

1. All Things Work Together- Lecrae

Image result for all things work together lecrae

This is Lecrae’s newest album and it is the REAL DEAL. He raps about truth and he knows how to drop a beat and honestly what more could you want?

Some of my favorite tracks:

Hammer Time

Come and Get Me

Cry for You

This music makes me happy.

2. The Book Thief– Markus Zusak

Image result for the book thief

THIS BOOK. I read it several years ago, and I just started rereading it last week. It is truly a work of art.

White is without question a color, and personally, I don’t think you want to argue with me.


Please, be calm, despite that previous threat.

I am all bluster-

I am not violent.

I am not malicious.

I am a result.

The Book Thief, p.6

It is SO GOOD.

3. A Series of Unfortunate Events

Related image

Okay, I may have mentioned this show on my blog a couple…dozen times. But I haven’t gotten over it yet. It is so witty and morbid. It’s simultaneously hilarious and heartbreaking. I watched the third and final season in January and I am trying to wait until at least November before I re-watch the whole thing, so as to avoid getting tired of it. But it feels like it’s been decades, and it’s only been six months. I can do this. Right?

Image result for days turn to months how long has it been asoue

This is a painfully accurate depiction of how I feel.

4. Live Theatre

Related image

Theatre is a unique and glorious experience. The picture above is from An American in Paris in London, which I saw a recording of a while back and completely fell in love with. It was so beautiful!

Last month I was in a community theatre production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance, which was absolutely amazing. The show got great reviews from audience members, and we had a great time putting it together and performing.

It was my first time being in a show in over four years, and I was reminded how much I love it. We had whole elaborate dance numbers happening backstage, hilarious ad-libs, and all the best things that come with live theatre. Each performance was slightly different, and even though we had a bunch of rollicking pirates dancing about on stage with real swords, nobody got seriously injured.

Theatre is such a fantastic way to work together and bond with people. It’s actually the only way I know how to make real friends. I love my theatre community and I am going to audition for another show very soon!

5. The X-Men movie franchise

Related image

You know, sometimes I really don’t know why I still put up with these movies.

Do they have character arcs that have been well thought out? No. Does the story have continuity? Ha.

Absolutely not.

Yet, here we are.

I love these movies, some more than others, but nevertheless. There is something unreasonably fascinating to me about the way mutants struggle with figuring out how to cope with their abilities, and how they learn to live in this world without breaking it. They are superhero movies, sure, but they’re highly character centered (did I really just say that?) which I love.

You have these people who can do things that no one else can do, and you get to see how that effects their relationships on a personal level, as well as a political level. What do these abilities imply? What is the mutants’ responsibility to the world? How do they react when they are attacked?

The great thing to me is when they end up fighting each other, not because they hate each other but because their ideas of how to respond to the world are so radically different.

I once realized that Captain America: Civil War is essentially every X-Men movie ever, and it’s one of my favorite MCU movies. Friends fighting each other is my jam, apparently. Gotta love the angst.

6. Cisco Ramon

Image result for cisco ramon season 5 episode 5

There are so many things about The Flash that I don’t like, but Cisco is not one of them. Season 5 was kind of a disaster, but I can’t bring myself to stop watching it. Not unless this man leaves, which he might be trying to do. I really hope he does. FLY AWAY, CISCO, BE FREE. They don’t deserve you.

Cisco just needs to marry his girlfriend (no more breakups for Cisco, please) and have a family, because that’s what he wants, okay?

Cisco is brilliant and snarky and the sweetest guy on the planet. My sisters and I have our own Cisco fan club, basically. It’s not embarrassing at all.

But have you seen that man’s face?

Related image

7. Reading aloud

IMG_1111Reading aloud has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My great great grandma used to read me this book about a bear cub and she would make her fingers walk in its footprints in the snow. That’s the only thing I remember about that book.

My dad read The Chronicles of Narnia to me when I was four, and again when I was six. Later he read The Hobbit to me and my sisters.

I don’t know how long my sisters and I have been reading books out loud with each other, but it’s been years. It used to be me who always did the reading. I read them Percy Jackson, The Sherwood Ring, several Kate DiCamillo books, and The Gammage Cup, among other things. But they are all fluent readers at this point, and so now we can take turns.

One of my sisters read aloud The Wednesday Wars last year, and another one read aloud The Missing Piece of Charlie O’Reilly. Currently that same sister is reading aloud a story that my oldest sister wrote herself.

First of all, reading aloud is just such a fun experience. I get to spend time with my sisters and read at the same time. It’s a win-win. Also there are hilarious mess-ups sometimes, kind of like theatre. You never know what’s going to come out of your mouth. Like “Jonathon rubbed his eyeballs together.”

The other thing is that my sister is an amazing writer and getting to hear her story is a joy. The story is about Santa Claus, but probably not the Santa Claus you all think of.

8. Brett Helquist illustrations

Related image

Something about his style is extremely appealing to me. The charm of his illustrations is a significant part of what makes A Series of Unfortunate Events (the books) so pleasing.

Related image

I mean, look at SUNNY’S FACE. She’s adorable.

And of course we can’t forget this gem:

Image result for brett helquist salmon

Nothing can compare. It’s just too good.

9. Into the Spiderverse

Related image

I was surprised by how good this movie was. But I watched it for a second time the other night and it is just…so good.

It is such a solid movie. The characters feel real and the humor is actually funny 90% of the time and the animation is fresh and exciting. It has angst and friendship and heartbreak and redemption and all the things a superhero movie should have. And the MUSIC. Gotta love the music.

10. Kate DiCamillo

Related image

Because she has written so many amazing books and I have feelings about them. I don’t know how she does it. But she cuts to the heart using prose as elegant as poetry. I have adopted most of her characters and I don’t plan on giving them up.



I just discovered that she’s coming out with another book in September. How did I not know this??? Now I do know this, and it makes me happy.

Image result for kate dicamillo beverly

Doesn’t it look beautiful?


Sometimes it’s nice to remember how many things there are for me to geek out about. It’s easy to forget. I forget a lot of things. Like the fact that my blog is two years old.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR SPONGE. You have been a great home. Here is cake:

Related image

Technically this cake was for a first birthday, not a second, but you get to see Sunny being adorable so you will forgive me.

So, how old is your blog? Do you keep better track of your blog’s birthdays than I do? What are some random things about your life that you love? Do you have any strange and irrational obsessions? Do you like rap music? Let me have all your randomness in the comments!

26 thoughts on “Two Years Old~In Which I Totally Forgot That It Was My Blog’s Birthday

  1. My blog is 3 yrs- (it will be 4 in December).

    Random things about my life that I love: I don’t think so.

    Strange and irrational obsessions: I am obsessed with something, but wouldn’t call it strange. I am obsessed with Les Mis. It is not a strange one.

    In terms of music, do not like rap music. Like musical theatre, contemporary christian, and it is hard to describe what else I like.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, four years in December! That is impressive. Congratulations on keeping in going that long!
      Yes, Les Mis is amazing and not a strange thing to be obsessed with. I love it.
      I have a lot of friends who don’t like rap music at all. It’s kind of an acquired taste. 😉 I love musical theatre, and I like a lot of contemporary Christian as well!


  2. Happy blogiversery!

    My blog is about 3 months old. Oh, I loved the Series of Unfortunate Events books. Wow! It has been a while since I have read them. I loved the humor as it reminded me of the Mysterious Benedict Society. I agree reading books aloud is amazing. My mom used to read to me and my siblings. I teach two year olds and I love pulling out classic books and reading to them. Sometimes I will do voices for the characters and the whole room will get quiet as they listen.
    Not a fan of rap prefer soundtracks, especially when cooking or cleaning. 🙂 Let’s see obsession hmm, I always am looking for new books. No matter how big my to read list is.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Hello, little three month old blog! I remember when I was your age… 😉
      I love The Mysterious Benedict Society! I agree that A Series of Unfortunate Events is similar in style. It’s such a fun, quirky type of writing and I really enjoy it.
      That’s awesome that your mom read it you. I think that’s a really great way for a parent to encourage their children to love literature. It definitely worked in my family.
      Yes, read to the two year olds! That is great. Doing voices is fun. 🙂
      Ooh, I love movie soundtracks. What soundtracks do you like? I really like stuff by James Newton Howard, James Horner, John Powell, Michael Giacchino, Harry Gregson-Williams, and some Hans Zimmer stuff. I geek out about movie soundtrack composers a lot.
      Looking for new books? I relate to that.
      Thanks so much for stopping by!


      1. Aww thanks!! So far I have really enjoyed blogging.
        Yes!! Such enjoyable books! I recently found out that there will be a nee book in the mysterious Benedict Society series!! 🙂
        I believe reading aloud is much needed. All of the the above. I love some of the Marvel soundtracks. So amazing. But I also love some of the more chill themes like from War Horse or Amazing Grace. Drawing a blank on who wrote them.
        Yep! I think I almost always am carrying a book around.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I am glad to hear that you have enjoyed blogging so far. It can be a lot of fun. 🙂
        Really? That is news indeed!
        YES. Reading aloud is much needed. It’s such an important way to connect and enrich our literary knowledge at the same time.
        Ooh, yes, there are some great Marvel soundtracks. I haven’t listened to War Horse or Amazing Grace, but I like chill themes too, like Secret Garden and Nicholas Nickleby and Black Beauty. There are so many awesome soundtracks, it’s impossible to name them al!


  3. Hm, strange and irrational obsessions. Well, right now I’m really into this game called Codenames. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it before. If you haven’t, I’m going to try and explain why it’s so great. The board games comes with a bunch of little cards with random and pretty normal words. Every game you lay out 25 of those cards in a square, but every round you can switch cards out so it’s always different. Then you have other cards that are like maps that tell you which cards are red, blue, neutral, and the one death card. There’s two teams-red and blue-and each team has a codemaster. Only the codemasters can look at the map. They take turns giving clues to try and get their other team members to guess the right words. For example, today, my friend said the clue worship (the clue can only be one word and not one of the actual words), 3 (as in there were three words he was thinking of related to the clue). The words were Wake (there’s this song called Wake that we love), Center (another song, Center My Life on You), and mouth. It’s great because it requires you to think like other people, and when that is required, you realize how hard and how funny it can be.
    Did you watch the new X-Men movie? I have not watched any of the X-Men movies but I saw the phoenix trailer because it was one of those pre-movie trailers. Oh, that’s another thing I love. Watching trailers before the actual movie.
    I am sorry to say I do not like rap. Can you explain what you like about it? I wish I did, I would love to like rap.
    Ohh, your sister’s story about Santa Claus but not really sounds very intriguing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love Code Names! We got it for Christmas and played it a bunch during the holidays. We just showed it to our cousins a few days ago. It is a really fun game.
      Yes, I watched Dark Phoenix. It was not great, but I don’t think it was as awful as the reviews made it out to be. I enjoyed it.
      Hm, that is an interesting question. I like how the rhythms work, and with the rap I listen to the lyrics are really cool usually. Also the beat is usually really jammin’ and just makes me want to dance. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s so fun!
        Were the critic reviews bad or the normal people reviews? I’ve started kind of ignoring critic reviews because I think they’re not a good estimate of how I’m going to like it.
        Okay, I feel like with rap, I can’t understand what they lyrics are many times. I think the rhythm aspect is cool too, but for me, songs make me want to dance more when I can sing along to the lyrics, but that’s way harder with rap songs!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Basically all the critic reviews were completely awful, and the audience reviews were mostly awful, with a handful of people who had some good things to say about it.
        Haha, that makes sense! My sisters are really good and memorizing raps. I know a few, and I feel really cool when I can sing along with them. But it’s way harder than normal singing. I tend to prefer rap songs that have actual singing in the chorus and rapping in the verses. It’s also important to me that the lyrics aren’t inappropriate- I know that rap has a bad reputation for lyrics, so I always look up the lyrics to make sure they’re not bad. But I mostly listen to Christian rappers, so it’s usually fine anyway.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Wow, yikes.
        That’s so cool! I would totally call that a superpower. Haha, I would feel super cool if I did that too. Ohh, yea. Okay, I think the lyrics are another reason I feel iffy about rap. They talk so fast that I don’t know what they’re saying which makes me slightly nervous. Who are some Christian rappers beside Lecrae?


      4. Hm, good question. Well, there is NF, who isn’t exactly a Christian rapper- I mean, he is a Christian who raps, but his stuff is super angsty and stuff. I think I recommended “Paralyzed” to you one time. There is KB, and Tedashii and Andy Mineo. I don’t listen to them much, but I like a few of their songs. Lecrae is the best Christian rapper in my opinion, and NF is the best angsty Christian rapper. There is also TobyMac, who is way more low-key. He does some rap but isn’t considered a rapper and his music is totally awesome and fun. If you aren’t into rap, you would probably still like him.


  4. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!! That’s so cool that your blog is two years old!!! 😀 My book review blog is…um…hehe…I think it’s three years old??? But it might be four… X’D And my other blog is coming up on it’s second year. 😀
    And YES for almost EVERYTHING you said that you love. Especially reading aloud and Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse. <33
    I…don't like rap music…unless it's by Twenty One Pilots. XD But that's okay.
    Happy blogoversary again!!! Here's to many more years of blogging. *toasts*

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Yeah, I have been super excited ever since finding out! Even though they are middle grade fiction, I think that all ages can enjoy that series. 🙂
    So true!! I love being able to pass some of my favorites on to the kids. We recently read a wordless book and they absolutely loved it. They still beg me to get it from the library.

    I love the Black Beauty soundtrack!! Horses are one of most amazing creature that God made and the music fits it perfectly. I will have to look up Nicholas Nickleby. What movies did he do the soundtrack for?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The best middle grade books can be enjoyed by all ages, and those are the best kinds of books. I really geek out about books that can be engaging to kids and adults alike. I am the same way with movies.
      Yes, the Black Beauty soundtrack is beautiful! Nicholas Nickleby is actually the name of a movie- the music for it is by Rachel Portman (I think).


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