Les Mis Character Tag~In Which Associations Are Made Between Showtunes And Novel Characters

Hello, friends!

How goes life? Sometimes I forget that I have one.

For this week’s post, I have decided to create my very own tag- I have never done this before (unless I have and I forgot about it, which I guess isn’t improbable). My brain has been a sock recently, so bear with me here.

Les Mis character tag

I know, isn’t that the most beautiful graphic you have ever seen?

Also since this is a tag, I guess I should concoct some rules:

  1. Acknowledge the human/dragon/sponge that tagged you
  2. Acknowledge the sponge that created the tag
  3. Tag as many people as you so desire

I decided to keep it simple, folks. And thank me for not forcing you to use my graphic because that would be unreasonable. Feel free to use it if you would like of course.

Okay, so here we go.

1. “Valjean’s soliloquy” (a character who’s whole view of the world undergoes a dramatic shift)

Jonas, from The Giver. He thinks his community is perfectly normal and admirable but by the end of the book he is appalled by it. Nothing has changed except the way he sees things.

Isn’t it kind of mind boggling how radically our lives can change even when the world hasn’t changed at all?

2. “I Dreamed a Dream” (a character who never seems to have any good luck whatsoever)

Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter. I know this may sound a little over the top, but for the longest time Neville really does have pretty rotten luck. He’s accident prone and he’s bullied by both students and teachers and his only friends are often too busy trying to save the world to pay much attention to him for the first few years. Not to mention the whole thing with his parents (excuse me while I go weep for several hours) and his domineering grandmother.

I know there are a lot worse off characters than that, but maybe I just felt like talking about Neville today.

3. “Fantine’s Arrest” (a character who just makes your skin crawl)

Uriah Heap from David Copperfield. Ugh, that slime-ball. Uriah Heap is Mr. Wickfield’s clerk and he’s always groveling and murmuring about how very ‘umble he is, but at the same time he’s trying to take over the business and marry Mr. Wickfield’s daughter Agnes and overall he’s just not someone you want to have around.

4. “The Bargain/The Waltz of Treachery” (a character who is a master of manipulation)

Prosper English from the Genius trilogy. When he’s not pointing a gun at your head, this guy is really nice. He’s pretty good at making people like him, even though he’s a psychopath. The main kid in the series, Cadel, spends a good chunk of time seriously thinking he wants to be a bad guy because of Prosper English’s helpful guidance. So yay Prosper.

5. “Stars” (a villain with a convincing motivation)

Roscuro from The Tale of Despereaux. Roscuro wants to kidnap a young princess and lock her away in a dungeon for the rest of her life because one time she looked at him funny.

Okay, so that doesn’t sound terribly convincing. Let me rephrase.

Roscuro is a rat born in darkness who longs for the light. Roscuro has a heart so tender that it breaks under the pressure of one piercing gaze. Roscuro is a rat who tries to put his heart back together, and puts it back together crooked.

Sometimes when we want something very badly, we will find ourselves doing terrible things to get it.

Roscuro thirsts for light. He wants to take the light down with him into the dungeon where he belongs and keep it there forever. He wants to get revenge on the princess for breaking his heart and capture the light for himself at the same time.

The story may seem outlandish, but don’t we all do this?

6. “Do you Hear the People Sing?” (a character who inspires other people)

Ulysses from Flora and Ulysses. Ulysses is a squirrel who got eaten by a vacuum cleaner and acquired superpowers. He helps a little girl named Flora to open up her heart to hope and beauty and poetry.

Ulysses inspires the people around him because he is filled with so much wonder about the world. He embraces the beauty of the things around him, and he is not afraid to love. He is not afraid to write poetry.

Wow, this is all so deep and it’s about a squirrel, but okay. Maybe you’d have to read the book to understand how a squirrel can be inspiring, but it’s true.

7. “Little People” (a little character with a whole lot of spunk)

Sunny Baudelaire from A Series of Unfortunate Events. Sunny starts out being about the size of a loaf of bread, but even from the (bad) beginning she is offering helpful insights and smart remarks to her older siblings. Though for the most part they have to translate them. Sunny is also skilled in combat, thanks to her very sharp teeth, as well as the culinary arts. I don’t know what Violet and Klaus would do without her.

8. “Bring Him Home” (a character who is sacrificially protective)

Beck from A Thousand Perfect Notes. Beck is so protective of his little sister Joey that it makes my heart melt. He doesn’t care what happens to himself but he will not stand for anything to happen to Joey. HE WILL PROTECT HER AT ALL COSTS and that I think sums up my love for this book.

9. “Javert’s Suicide” (an extremely conflicted character)

Rodion from Crime and Punishment. Sheesh, Rodion, get your life together.

This guy has spent too much time sitting alone in his apartment thinking. For some reason he comes up with the brilliant idea that he needs to kill this cranky old lady with an axe for the good of society. He then proceeds to spend the rest of the book feeling guilty that he killed the lady and then feeling guilty that he feels guilty (because he still thinks it was the right thing to do apparently) and he is also tormented by fear that someone is going to find out what he did. He totally makes himself ill over all this mental anguish. It’s great.

It may sound rather pathetic, but it’s actually pretty interesting. He also has a sister and a friend who are not as much of losers as he is.

10. “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” (an impossibly lonely character)

Ollie from Because You’ll Never Meet Me and Nowhere Near You. This kid.

Due to a unique medical condition he has to live in a remote cabin in the woods with his mum, and the only other people he comes in contact with are his doctor and a couple of neighbors- like literally two neighbors, and that’s not even until later.

He has four humans in his life and some of them/arguably all of them get hurt because of him at some point and how would you like to live like that?

He acts like life’s a big joke and refuses to take things seriously. He’s in denial about what a huge mess he is. He doesn’t know how to handle it. So he makes a bad joke and laughs it off and says he’s fine.

Ollie has no idea how to face how lonely he is and it breaks my heart.

In Conclusion

There you have it! Now to tag people. This is the hard part.

I tag…

mphtheatregirl @ Meg’s Magical Musings

The Temperamental Writer @ All Things Trivial and Insignificant

Chelsea @ An Ordinary Pen

Also if you are reading this and you think this tag looks like fun I give you permission to steal it! You can take as many or as few of the questions as you want, or if you are learned in Les Mis you can make up some of your own with songs I didn’t use!

Have a great day!

18 thoughts on “Les Mis Character Tag~In Which Associations Are Made Between Showtunes And Novel Characters

  1. You created a tag!
    Yes yes yes, how much the world can change when we change.
    Prosper English is a very cool name.
    I don’t know if you have any memories like this, but I have some memories from when I was little and it’s wispy enough that it feels like it possibly could have been a dream- one of those memories specifically is one of me being with a bunch of other kids watching a movie with a blonde princess and a mouse. I’m thinking that it might have been The Tale of Desperaux. Maybe?
    Wow, Rodion does sound very conflicted. Hm, I haven’t watched or read the play, but the first person who comes to mind for that question is Hamlet.
    Also, by the way, you might’ve done this on purpose because of something related to Les Mis, but I wanted to tell you that your four is missing?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed, Prosper English is a cool name.
      I definitely have those kinds of memories! Yeah, that sounds like the movie of The Tale of Despereaux, which I must say I was not the biggest fan of… For me it didn’t do justice to the book AT ALL. I only saw it once and I don’t remember anything about ti except that I had lots of negative feelings. Well anyway…
      Yes! Hamlet is a profoundly conflicted character. He’s a great example. 😉 You should totally watch a version of Hamlet. I like the Mel Gibson version, but I also like the Benedict Cumberbatch one.
      Oh, no, I didn’t do that on purpose! Thanks for letting me know, I will fix that.

      Liked by 1 person

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