“My Favourite Things” Tag~Featuring Crackers And A Bad Photograph Of My Beloved Furry Brethren

Good morrow, friends!

Today I will be participating in the “My Favourite Things” Tag, which I was tagged for by the remarkable Chelsea, whom I thank muchly.

On principle I feel as if I should not be doing this tag, because it has the word “favourite” in it, and I tend to have an aversion to the word. But in this case I am going to waive that point. The discussion of favourite things in general is much easier than picking a favourite thing.

As you have no doubt deduced from the extremely straightforward title, basically I will be listing some of my favourite things (the magic number is seven, apparently). I will also be picturing these things. I will also be telling you the rules, in case you would like to join this tag as well.


  • Link back to and thank the person who tagged you
  • Link back to and thank the blogger who began the tag (thank you, Beth!)
  • List and picture seven of your favourite things.
  • Tag at least seven people (or as many as you can).
  • Use the picture above (at Beth’s request).
  • List the seven rules.

Okay, now on to the good stuff.

1. Animal Crackers

Image result for stauffer's animal crackers


We used to get these when I was a wee child and I LOVED them. I still love them, in fact. But I haven’t seen one in a bear shaped container for ages. I found that very magical apparently. I mean, it is pretty cool. No other animal crackers are quite the same. This isn’t supposed to be a commercial, but yeah, I am unreasonably attached to this particular snack.

2. Pencils


Pencils are my life. I like the idea of pens, especially really cool fountain pens or quill pens, but when it comes to actually writing, pencils are my best friends. They allow for the fact that I will make mistakes. And they are beautiful- in there own humble sort of way. Simple, number two pencils, painted yellow wood with soft pink erasers. You might just think ho-hum school supplies but I love these things.

3. Peanuts (comics)


I love Linus. He is very near and dear to my heart. So is Charlie Brown, of course, but Linus is almost even more special if that’s actually possible.

4. Pianos


Pianos are pretty spectacular. I mean, I’m not all that great at actually playing them, but I like to mess around on them, and also they look really cool. There are the decrepit old ones with chipping keys that seem like they should belong in an abandoned opera house somewhere in Paris, and then there are the stellar new ones that are shiny and glorious and feel like playing clouds. All the kinds have their own magic. Have you ever played a grand piano with the lid up? It’s amazing.

5. Old Photographs


There is something beautifully mysterious about old photographs. I mean, there are a lot of photographs in general that seem to have a story behind them, but for some reason I get that feeling the most strongly when I see an old photograph. It’s like somehow the story is more untouchable because all the people in it are probably dead by now. I get this awesome mysterious vibe when I see a lot of old photographs, because I won’t ever know the full story. Just this one moment captured in black and white.


Look, guys, these are actual newsies and each one of them has a story. Who were these kids? I get so excited about this, good grief.

6. Old Books


Some people freak out about the latest shiny hardcover. I freak out about that dusty leather bound volume that probably smells a little musty. Old books are so freakin’ cool. My grandparents have these old Charles Dickens books and I love how you can actually feel the type. It bumps off the page. It’s like reading in 3D! Okay, not really, but I think it’s pretty great. The problem with old books is that the older they get the less comprehensible they become. Like…I don’t actually know how to read Latin. But they look really amazing! I would love to see a handwritten book someday, from before the printing press was invented.

old books X ღɱɧღ || simply-chateau: Frothy, feathery,old tea colour, foxed & fantastique!!!

7. Pandas

Panda 2
I do apologise for the quality of the photograph

Or, more specifically, my panda family that I have slowly accumulated over the past few years from my sisters and cousin. Quite honestly it all started when I read Son of Neptune (which ironically I didn’t like all that much) and Percy had this panda pillow pet. Somehow that made a great impression on me, and my sisters, being very kind and sensitive, took notice of this. Hence, they bought me a panda pillow pet (pictured above). I named him Sydney Darnay, (which is a combination of two wonderful Dickens characters who bear a striking physical resemblance to one another). I won’t burden you with the history of the others, but I will point out H. Arpad Laszlo because you might not notice him otherwise.

Close-up of H. Arpad Laszlo

He is one of the newest additions to the family, and I love him very much.

In Conclusion

Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and remember the things that we love. These are all little things that make my life that much better. I am very grateful for them all!

Thanks again to Chelsea for the tag!

Speaking of which, I am supposed to tag people as well.

I hereby tag:

Grace @ Somewhat Reserved

mphtheatregirl @ Meg’s Magical Musings

Annie Xia @ Zoelogist

F.C. Tait @ Of Enchantment and Escape

Justice @ Justice and Writeousness

Jess @ The Artful Author

The Temperamental Writer @ allthingstrivialandinsignificant

Tell me some of the things you geek out about.

What are some little things that fill you with excitement? Did you have a favourite snack as a wee child? Do you prefer pens or pencils? Are you as eager about education as Linus is? Do you play any musical instruments? Do you prefer new or old books? Do you have a favourite stuffed animal? Tell me of your favourite things!

18 thoughts on ““My Favourite Things” Tag~Featuring Crackers And A Bad Photograph Of My Beloved Furry Brethren

  1. Good questions.

    I did play piano- 4th-12th: sometimes when I do play, I am yelled at, which gets frustrating. I still love to play piano. I once was taught to play Les Mis on the piano- I was going through a rough time in my life at the time and learning to play helped. My sister hates it when I play those; but I don’t care. When I wasn’t rusty, I would sing along to- that helped me remember where I was. Piano was one of those activities I kept up with.

    If I was to say, what my favorite stuffed animal was, how could I pick? I have a number- some have important significance- all connect to Gardner Webb in some way.

    If I do I the tag, it would mean choosing 14 things, I was tagged twice

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it can definitely be frustrating when something you like to do is noisy or annoying to other humans. Otherwise I would have taken up bagpipes by now. That is awesome that you can play Les Mis! My sister sometimes plays musical theatre songs and we sing. It’s pretty fun.
      Indeed, picking favourites is difficult. I have several others that are not pandas as well.
      Oh, well, the more the merrier! If you do the tag, I look forward to seeing what you choose!


  2. Aww I love lists of favourite things! And like the small and humble favourites are actually the BEST?!😍I do prefer pens, like the really super inky kind, but I love tins of pencils. Like old tins. AHHH. I don’t even know why. And agreed that pianos are amazing. I just love how they look and it makes me wish I played better whenever I see one. But making music is like a freaking act of magic every time?! I ADORE IT. Simple everyday magic.😍 And I admit I like the THOUGHT of old books, but I’m actually really allergic. 😂So new books for me! SHINY NEW BOOKS. Still those Charles Dickens editions of your grandparents’ sound amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When I do use pens, I definitely prefer super inky ones. But I make a mess of them because I am left-handed and they smear rather terribly. And what is it with old things being cool?
      I know, making music IS like magic! It’s amazing. I want pianos but they are even harder to store than books, so it’s a problem. Also there’s money too…? But I kind of want a big room full of different types of pianos. I think it would be glorious.
      Haha, oh dear. That’s too bad. But shiny new books are quite exciting too. Really just…books in general? I want all the kinds of books, please and thank you.


  3. Thanks for tagging me! 🙂
    I love old books. I have these two that are about a hundred years old that I got for free from a library that was being cleared out. They were recycling the books no one wanted (I’m still traumatised from that part) so I rescued two of them. They look a bit out of place with all my modern books on my shelf but I just love them more for that 🙂
    I prefer pencils to pens, but my favourites are mechanical pencils. They feel like pens but you can still rub them out, so they have the best of both worlds.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so glad that you rescued those books! It is such a travesty when books are thrown out.
      Yes, I see what you mean! Strangely, despite my attachment to regular pencils, I have actually been using a large quantity of mechanical pencils of late. I don’t know when this transition happened? But mechanical pencils are really nice because you don’t have to sharpen then every five minutes. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I LOVE YOUR PANDAS!!!! THEY’RE SO CUTEEEE!! Especially H. Arpad Laszlo!! Who is he named after? They remind me of my penguins. I first got a penguin stuffed toy with a green and white scarf when I was eight, and I just named him Penguin. Then I got a smaller penguin whom I called Penguina; I made her Penguin’s cousin. I also have a couple of movie penguins, Erik and Skipper. Haha!
    As for pens vs. pencils, I prefer pens for writing because I see the ink better than pencil lol. Linus should be homeschooled!!!! Haha! I play violin (just riiight above the beginner level), guitar, ukulele, and piano. I prefer any book, as long as it’s a good read!!
    On old photos – I like cutting out pictures from newspapers and magazines, and there’s a free art magazine here called Yerevan Mag, although the text is all in Armenian so I can’t read it. The theme for one of the issues last year was old photos! My favourite part was the Soviet parts in it – there was one with a rally around a statue and an indoor marketplace with handwritten Russian signs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad you like my pandas! H. Arpad Laszlo is primarily named after Arpad Laszlo from the Broadway musical “She Loves Me.” He is a delivery boy with a bicycle and bundles of energy. You must listen to Nicholas Barasch sing “Try Me” because it is a joy. (The H part is HR from The Flash, because it makes his name H ARpad. Clever, eh?) My sister made me H. Arpad Laszlo and I am very grateful to her.
      Ah! I love penguins. My cousin (the one who was in love with Sam) has a special affinity to penguins.
      Haha, I press down really hard and my pencil writing looked almost as dark as pens. I don’t even realize that I do it but when I see my writing next to someone else’s it’s way darker.
      Yes, Linus SHOULD be homeschooled!
      That is awesome! I kind of want to learn to play violin, but it’s kind of a big commitment.
      Truly yes, the inside of the book is always the most important part! But I get excited when the inside of the book AND the outside of the book are amazing.
      That sounds really cool!
      Thanks so much for your words, I love reading your comments!


  5. Haha, the comic strip of Linus is funny. He’s an unique one, I would say. I don’t see many kids going around demanding educations. Pianos are beautiful. Pianos and violins in my opinion, are the most gorgeous instruments. Agh, those photographs are amazing. They remind me of this list of a hundred photographs that tell America’s story. And OLD BOOKS. Whenever I go to house museums, I’m always in awe of the bookshelves full of old books. Whoa, your grandparents’ books sound so cool. I think I would be scared to hold a handwritten book. Wait, Percy has a panda pillow? Whaat? I loved pandas when I was younger, and now I still have a bunch. HA, thank you for that close up or else I really would have missed him. I play piano, I’m not choosing between pens and pencils (both are necessities), and both new and old books get me excited- there’s something so nice about brand new books but I also got a book from Brattle Bookshop in Boston and it had a NOTE inside of it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Linus is very unique, and that is why I love him. 🙂
      Violins are indeed beautiful as well. I have always half wanted to learn to play the violin. I really like the way they sound.
      Old things are just so cool. But yeah, they are also fragile, and it can be nerve-wracking to handle them! I don’t think I could really hold a hand-written book. I would just LOOK at it.
      Yes, Percy has a panda pillow pet in Son of Neptune! It made a great impression on me. He doesn’t even have it for that long because someone destroys it? But it’s very important.
      That is a point. Pens and pencils both have their place. Also yes, books in general are just exciting. I want ALL the books.
      What? A note inside? That is so amazing!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, I’m not surprised that Percy’s pillow pet (alliteration!) got destroyed fast, but yes- important.
        I agree, sometimes you need to have a pen in your hand, and sometimes only a pencil will do the trick.
        I know right? The note will definitely be mentioned when I get around to writing about post. It is amazing! And not only is it a note, it’s a GOOD note too.

        Liked by 1 person

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