Music Buddies~In Which I Geek Out About Music! (Again!) Plus A Special Announcement)

Yo, cool blogger cats!

Are you feeling groovy today? Because I am.

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Don’t we all need Will Smith as a fish dancing in our lives? I guess that might disturb some people.

Anyone who has spent a substantial amount of time on this blog probably knows that many hours of my life are filled with barricades and strikes and French revolutions and teenage angst and Russian princesses with amnesia. Broadway musicals are hugely important to me. DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE SING? (If not, I’m sure we can sing a little louder.)

But I listen to other kinds of music too.

Some time ago I wrote a post titled 10 Moments In Movies That Were Made Astronomically Better Through The Addition of Song, which was dedicated to characters who spontaneously burst into song, because spontaneous singing is as much a blessing as free pizza.

This post will be dedicated to folk in movies who find the addition of music in their lives extremely important as well, but their method of bringing this music into their lives looks a little different.

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Pay no heed to giant alien monster and turn your attention to the stereo system

These are people who love music, but instead of singing, they resort to radios, stereos, and headphones as sources of musical enjoyment.

In short, they listen to music instead of screeching it at the top of their lungs.

Let’s get this show on the road!

Peter Quill/Star Lord (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and 2)

Image result for Star Lord dancing gif

Peter Quill has a very special Walkman and a pair of headphones that he is exceedingly attached to. His “Awesome Music Mix” is the soundtrack to his life. It was given to him by his mother, so it is understandably important to him.

Having been abducted by aliens when he was a child in the 1980s, Peter’s music is mostly classic ’60s and ’70s pop songs, lovingly compiled by his mother. Her music is his strongest connection to her in the vast wilds of space.

The Guardians of the Galaxy movies are not my favorite, but Peter Quill with his music was definitely a highlight of both films. Finally, a superhero who likes to dance.

Image result for Star Lord dancing gif

His skill is quite dazzling.

Image result for Star Lord dancing gif

Notable songs: (all songs in this post link to Youtube)

O-o-h Child (because it’s in Shark Tale so I’m attached to it already)

Mr. Blue Sky (because Baby Groot. And this song is also in Megamind, so it’s a win-win)

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (because it’s just fun)

Mark Watney (The Martian)

This guy is also stranded in space. But he’s not so much missing his mom as missing earth in general.

Image result for Mark Watney

His longing for earth and for other humans is the only plausible excuse for the terrible music he listens to all the time. The music was left behind by another crew member, and Watney is quite vocal about his hatred of it.

Image result for Mark Watney disco

But of course he listens to it anyway.

Notable songs:

Turn the Beat Around (because Mark Watney flatly refused to do so)

Waterloo (because I have a strange connection to Abba. Um, and…check out the stellar outfits in this music video…They’re…really something else. I’m kind of in awe, actually)

I Will Survive (because…well, this song will forever make me think of this green alien and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not)

Charlie (The Perks of Being a Wallflower)

Image result for charlie the perks of being a wallflower music

Charlie is very thoughtful about music and he likes to compile mixtapes (which are in his case actual tapes, not Spotify playlists) for different moods and ideas. He also makes mixtapes for his friends based on what he’s observed of them and their personalities. He’s so sweet.

Image result for charlie the perks of being a wallflower music

Notable songs:

Asleep (because it’s just….so Charlie. And so sad)

Scarborough Fair (because this melody haunts me…like Charlie does)

Baby (Baby Driver)

Related image

First of all, this movie disappointed me SO MUCH because I love Baby and the whole idea of the story, and it was so well done- up to a certain point, and then the story/character arcs/EVERYTHING fell apart completely (for me) and I can’t get over how terribly they threw away the opportunity to develop Baby’s character because he is SO AMAZING.

Related image

Now that we’ve gotten that out the of the way…

Following a terrible car accident he was in when he was still a kid, Baby has a constant ringing in his ears, and he uses music to drown it out. He is literally wearing earbuds all the time, and his music is the soundtrack to the movie. IT’S BRILLIANT.

Also I came to the brilliant realization that this movie is basically Guardians of the Galaxy: (warning: contains spoilers for Baby Driver and both Guardians movies)

  • Boy tragically loses mother who loved music.
  • His dad is a huge jerk and is instrumental in mother’s death.
  • Boy gets tangled up in criminal organization and works for them into adulthood.
  • Music is his connection to his mom. He carries music with him everywhere and sometimes dances along (what a weirdo).
  • He meets a beautiful girl who has a sister.
  • He tries to break away from said criminal organization with wonky results.
  • The evil crime boss, who at first seems totally callous, ends up redeeming himself by sacrificing his life for his pseudo-son.

Is your mind not blown, because mine is.

Notable songs:

Bellbottoms (because THAT OPENING HEIST)

Hocus Pocus (because this song, well, rocks. It starts out super cool and then suddenly there’s yodeling or something and it’s fantastic)

Harlem Shuffle (because it’s the soundtrack to the coffee run and Baby is dancing and he plays an air trumpet and what’s not to like?)

Image result for Baby Driver gif

Peter Maximoff/Quicksilver (X-Men: Days of Future Past and Apocalypse)

Quicksilver is one of the few superheroes who eats on a regular basis.

Image result for quicksilver gif

He’s also a kleptomaniac who lives in his mom’s basement and plays Pacman and ping-pong, so obviously he’s a wonderful role model.

Image result for quicksilver gif

The best thing about Quicksilver though, is that he listens to super-cool music while he saves the world. His music is wonderful.

He’s obnoxious and he’s a dork and he has weird hair, and he’s one of my favorite superheroes ever.

Related image

Notable songs:

Time in a Bottle (because this song is so chill, and he’s so chillΒ  as he moves bullets and makes security guards punch themselves in the face)

Sweet Dreams (are made of this) (because it’s so catchy and the synthesizer is perfectly Quicksilver)

And Now, the Announcement:

My blog is almost ONE YEAR OLD.

Related image

Yes, I am rather shocked myself, but on June 29th, (a month from today,) my spongey blog will be one year old, and I am proud of myself for not accidentally murdering it before now.

For my Blog’s Birthday, I want to do a Q and A type post, (this seems customary, so why not?) which means I need questions from all of you!

Just take any questions you would like me to answer and please post them in the comments! Or send me a message or whatever. Just get them to me somehow and I will greatly appreciate it. You can ask as many questions as you want, just designate that they are for the SBI (Sponge’s Birthday Interrogation). I am so excited!

In Conclusion

Clearly, characters who listen to music are special. Also an awesome character is like a recommendation for music. I won’t always just listen to random music, but if music that I might not have known existed otherwise gets used in movies I get attached to it. I love context. None of the songs I mentioned in this post were written for the movies, yet the movies led me to them, and I am ever grateful.

Who are some of your favorite characters who love music? Do you like characters who are a little odd? Have you seen any of these movies? Do you think there should be more food in superhero movies? Did you notice all the similarities between Baby Driver and GOTG? Are there any songs you love that you were introduced to through a movie? How old is your blog? I would love to hear from you!

30 thoughts on “Music Buddies~In Which I Geek Out About Music! (Again!) Plus A Special Announcement)

  1. I love most of these and the ones I don’t I just haven’t met yet! As for Charlie, Heroes is my favorite cause I love David Bowie.
    Here’s a question: If you could choose the soundtrack for a book/ Movie, what songs would be on it?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! I am sure once you meet them you will love them all. They are just that lovable. Ah, yes, “Heroes” is a good one too!
      Ooh, that’s a great question. I will ponder it long and hard, and the answer will appear in my Sponge Birthday Interrogation at the end of June. Thanks so much!


  2. GROOT. Haha, I can’t tell which movie that gif is from, but it makes me think of Groot in Infinity War totally immersed in his video games (except for that one part) while the universe is on the brink of destruction around him- what a typical teenager. I agree, Starlord’s dancing skills are pretty incredible.
    The Martian!! I haven’t watched the movie, but I have read the book.
    Ahhh, your blog is almost one years old! THAT IS SO EXCITING. Mine is nearing one too.
    Wait, did you calculate the day your first blog post came out as the date of birth of your blog? Because if that’s what you did then my blog’s birthday is June 20! That’s only NINE DAYS apart.
    For SBI: If you could have a gigantic metaphorical billboard, what would you want it to say? Were there any other name contenders for your blog? What’s something awesome you’ve discovered recently?
    Thanks once again for adding to my to be watched (and listened to) list!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The GIF is from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 when Groot was a baby, not yet grown to teenage hood, but he certainly had similar personality traits already!
      Alas, I did not read The Martian. I heard it was good though.
      That’s awesome that our blog birthdays are so close! We are practically the same age. Yes, I calculated it based on my first post’s publishing date. But I think I created my blog the first day I published something, so I didn’t really have to think about it. Congratulations on keeping your blog alive for nearly a year! We can celebrate together. πŸ™‚
      Thank you so much for the questions! I am so excited to answer them. And you’re welcome; I love throwing recommendations at people. πŸ˜‰ (Though I should warn you that I always fast forward some of the scenes in The Perks of Being a Wallflower.)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The Martian was funny! There was this one hilarious quote about space pirates that has still stuck with me.
        Hm, I can’t remember whether or not I posted the day of making this blog. Its gets a bit murky because there were multiple failed attempts before Zoelogist. I know! Only nine days apart. Yes, joint celebrating!!
        You’re welcome! Haha yea, me too: I can’t decide which one’s more fun though: having recommendations thrown at you or throwing recommendations at other people? I’ll add that to SBI! Okay, thank you for the heads up.

        Liked by 2 people

  3. Happy One Year old! it is a special milestone. my soundtrack now is let it go, my house is being repainted and the carpets being cut out and I’m tripping everywhere.
    so i guess it is a great song to have

    Liked by 2 people

  4. QUICKSILVER!!!! He’s my favourite and those two scenes from the X-Men = So much fun! I love his hair and his jacket and goggles and snark and the fact that he still lives in his mother’s basement (that’ll be me one day).

    Okay…questions for the Interrogation of the Sponge:
    1. The weirdest character name you’ve ever come up with
    2. The weirdest character you ever came up with
    3.Your favourite song? Why?
    4. Why are you a sponge? Why not a celery stick, or a spoon or a colander?
    5. If you could only eat one type of chocolate for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yay! I am glad you appreciate Quicksilver’s excellence. His scenes are definitely a lot of fun. And his GOGGLES. Yes, basically everything about him. I can imagine myself living in my mother’s basement as well, at least, I could if my mother had a basement…
      Thank you muchly for the questions! They will be a lot of fun to answer!

      Liked by 2 people

  5. Wow, I’m really out of the loop with pop culture. Though I might have heard of some of these movies, I’m definitely unaware of the soundtracks(?) inside it.

    I don’t have the same music tastes as any of the characters I read about.

    Anyway, questions:

    1. What kind of food do you like to eat regularly?(whether you do or don’t)

    2. What is/are your favourite book genre/s?

    3. Do you often use your library?

    4. Do you write your firsts drafts on your pc or by hand?

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Ah, I love all these people. And your breakdown of the similarities between Guardians of the Galaxy and Baby Driver is PERFECT.
    Questions for SBI:
    1. What is something you have written that you’re proud of?
    2. Who are your top five favorite super heroes?
    3. What are your favorite books you have read so far this year?
    4. Is Magneto the most brilliant and powerful mutant ever?

    Liked by 2 people

    I have questions for The Sponge… if you so dare answer them.
    1) are you an actual sponge.
    2) what accent do you wish you had?
    3) what’s your guilty pleasure in stories (love triangles, the chosen one, whatever trope is normally looked down upon that you actually like)?

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Oh how I wish WordPress allows me to search for your posts on the Reader so I can comment easier…

    I LOVE THIS. ❀ to you.

    I dislike Guardians movies as a whole, and ONLY watched them for Endgame. But yes, the music is really catch, even though I'm not into 70s 80s 90s music, and BABY GROOT DANCING.

    All Star Wars creatures cannot compare to Baby Groot. Period.

    I laughed so hard when I looked up the songs and associated clips you mentioned from Baby Driver. xD Gotta see that movie now…

    Thanks for reminding me that Quicksilver is the best! I have forgotten about him! I still love Wolverine as my No. 1 X-Men though. But I shall add those Quicksilver videos clips to my List Of Videos To Watch When I Need a Laugh aka I Think The World Is Ending.

    My addition to your list:

    It's the boat scene from The Man From UNCLE. I die laughing every single time. (Song credits go to: Peppino Gagliardi – Che Vuole Questa Musica Stasera)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In response to your official questions:
      Who are some of your favorite characters who love music?

      Do you like characters who are a little odd?
      Yep. Sherlock being tops.

      Have you seen any of these movies?
      I’ve not seen Baby Driver or Perks of Being a Wallflower. But now I’m interested in Baby Driver. (I can like Lily James in just about any role I think. And Baby dancing!)

      Do you think there should be more food in superhero movies?
      Of course. Most people pretend that they don’t need to eat. I just watched Rise of Skywalker for the first time this week and – again – noticed that none of those people ever eat or drink or etc. It’s unrealistic. πŸ˜‰

      Did you notice all the similarities between Baby Driver and GOTG?
      Will have to watch the former to compare. But I love your list!!

      Are there any songs you love that you were introduced to through a movie?
      Yes. I’m trying to think… hmmm looking at my Spotify list – I like Unsteady from X Ambassadors Eric Lee Remix, Thinking Out Loud, and Photograph (last two from Ed Sheeran) and was introduced to those songs by Me Before You the movie. (Which I love except for the ending and thus the overall message of the movie.) I’m sure there are others but I just can’t recall at this time.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sherlock is certainly odd. I find odd characters to be the most interesting (and often the most relatable) characters.
        I love Lily James! She has a combination of gentleness, sweetness and strength in the characters I’ve seen her play that I really like.
        I know, right? The lack of food in action movies is very disappointing.
        I heard about Me Before You from my mom. She told me the plot basically and the controversial ending. I don’t think I would like it, due to the ending.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I give credit to Steven Moffat (and Mark Gattiss) for creating wonderfully odd characters I love πŸ˜€ Sherlock. Doctor Who – Tenth, and Eleventh.

        Absolutely! She was perfection itself in Cinderella.

        xD (about the food)

        Yep. The two main leads have amazing chemistry and their interactions and expressions are to die for. I watched it for the rom-com parts… SO DISAPPOINTED in that ending though. It could have been amazing.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. THANK YOU. I am glad you enjoyed it.
      Baby Groot is kind of amazing. πŸ˜‰
      Quicksilver! Yeah, Wolverine is pretty wonderful, if less musically inclined than Quicksilver.
      Oh yeah! My cousins showed me that one. That scene was my favorite part of the movie.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. HAHA Can I just imagine Hugh Jackman as Wolverine singing?!

        Ooh by the way, I stumbled on this video on YouTube:
        (I’m jumping to the ceiling because now I can see Bandstand… I bought their album last week and I shall go see the show if they ever show it again and if I can afford to get there, but I still feel bad that they never did an official release for me to properly purchase.)

        Liked by 1 person

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