So Long, 2017 (and thanks for all the fish): Basically A Summary Of The Stories I Consumed This Year

Greetings, brethren (including sisteren and crustaceans also)!

Well, December is rapidly approaching its demise. And we all know what that means. (Assuming that we realize that December is the last month in the widely accepted calendar.)


This is a totally normal phenomenon and no cause for panic.

As each year comes to a close, it is customary for many of us to look back and reflect upon our accomplishments. For me that pretty much means: What amazing stories did I discover this year?

First of all, I must let you know that I don’t exactly live in just one year at a time, meaning that most of the books, movies and Broadway shows I am about to mention did not come out in 2017. I am part turtle and I discover some things many years after they were first introduced to the world. I enjoy doing things this way.

When I set out to write this post I figured I had two options. Rant about all the disappointing things, or focus on what I actually liked. I decided to go with the latter option so that this post didn’t end up being the size of a small walrus. You’re welcome.

Now that we’ve gotten through the preliminaries, LET US BEGIN.


This year was a spectacular one for Broadway because I ACTUALLY WENT THERE.

I know, I am still rather stunned about it myself.

Spring of 2017 I went to New York with my choir. We were there for three days and I saw two Broadway shows during that time.


I had seen Phantom once before on tour and I am a lifelong fan of the Aladdin movie, so I was already extremely familiar with both of these shows, but I really enjoyed the experience of seeing them in New York. I really geeked out about the theatres as well.

The Majestic Theatre (Phantom of the Opera)
New Am
New Amsterdam Theatre (Aladdin)

The theatres in New York are all so small and old and gorgeous and I LOVE them.

Broadway on TV

Aside from the glory of live theater, I also got to see the live recordings of both Newsies and She Loves Me (2016 revival).

Newsies is a wonderful show and the recording is great, but Jeremy Jordan and Andrew Keenan-Bolger will never be Jack and Crutchie to me.

She Loves Me was completely new to me, and I thought it was hilarious. Georg Nowack (Zachary Levi), Amalia Balash (Laura Benanti), and Arpad Laszlo (Nicholas Barasch) were my favorite characters. The cast was strong and the set was charming and all around it was just a really fun show. I got the Broadway cast recording for Christmas and I am so happy.

Speaking of cast recordings…

Broadway cast recordings

End of May or early June… I started listening to Dear Evan Hansen.

And I didn’t like it.

I wasn’t really listening to the words. I just heard a lot of twanging guitar and I was unimpressed. My sister and I were actually folding laundry and we were making fun of how it sounded.

Then ‘Words Fail’ came on.

We suddenly went really quiet.

At this point I am totally in love with the recording and practically every song fills me with great emotion.

This year I also obtained the Anastasia cast recording and it is wonderful.

I recently started listening to songs from Bandstand, and the song ‘Welcome Home (Finale)’ brought tears to my eyes the first five times I listened to it without fail.

But this post is not just about Broadway, so maybe it’s time to move on.

Television Shows

This is the weirdest heading for me because before 2017, I didn’t watch TV shows. Nor was I interested in them. Now I have watched (and become obsessed with) a grand total of three:


Thank you, Netflix.



I watch a lot of movies, and I don’t keep a written record of them so I may have forgotten something extremely important, but oh well.



Actually, to be honest I am an exceedingly picky pickle and I did not discover any books this year that made the ‘child’ list. That being said, there were several that made the niece/nephew list. That is to say, I enjoyed them immensely and I am quite fond of them, but I do not adore them with a manic intensity. Perhaps that is healthier anyway.


I am next to impossible to please, so even though these books are not my children they are pretty good if I remember that they exist. Also I don’t want to burn them and boil their ashes in tooth paste, so that’s pretty good too.

Personal Accomplishments (AKA did I actually write anything this year?)

I have a phobia of goals, so at the end of 2016 I did not create a massive list of goals for myself. I made just one goal, and it was rather tentative.

The goal was to finish the first draft of a story that IΒ  started four years ago and then kind of abandoned. I felt pretty stuck and I wasn’t sure that I could destroy the oppressive Writer’s Block that loomed over me.

But guess what? I DID. I finished the first draft of this (still unnamed) story in October. Yay me.

I also wrote several scenes for other half-baked projects. But I haven’t started another novel. Maybe starting and finishing a new novel can be my goal for 2018… *sweating and nervous laughter*


Well, as is fairly evident, I started a blog this year (at the end of June). And it is STILL ALIVE. I am a wonderful parent.

Not counting this post, I have published twenty-five posts thus far and I have thirty-nine lovely followers. You are all fantastic and I appreciate you muchly! I just want to give a shout-out to a few of the bloggers who have made me feel especially welcomed into the blogging community:

Sari @ Penumbra Reviews

Ilsa @ A Whisper of Ink

Violet Daniels @ A Color of Her Own

R.J. Sheffler @ essays from a reading writer

Annie Xia @ Zoelogist

Thank you all for the kind attention you have shown to a sponge!

My most popular post (by far, holy cow) is my second Beautiful People post, in which I inflict the reader with random facts about the protagonist of my previously mentioned novel.

I hope to continue blogging throughout 2018. Because the world obviously needs to know what my opinions are on pink leggings in movies and space-tea. I won’t abandon you to work out these things on your own.


In Conclusion

As I come to the end of the year and my seventh month of blogging, I have just one more thing that I feel I must share with you.

If I were to sum up how I feel about this year in 19 seconds this would pretty much be it.

Well, thanks for reading and I hope to see you all in 2018!

How did 2017 go for you?Β  Did you read a lot of books and discover new children and grandfathers? How was blogging, and life in general? Did you write like a steam locomotive or a cautious turtle? Did you listen to any Broadway recordings five million times? Did you make inspiring goals for yourself for 2018? Let me hear all about your year in the comments, or if you did a 2017 recap post, send me a link!

20 thoughts on “So Long, 2017 (and thanks for all the fish): Basically A Summary Of The Stories I Consumed This Year

  1. I read 11 books in 2017. In terms of musicals, saw three and loved two. I was not the biggest fan of Little Shop of Horrors, but didn’t dislike it, just wasn’t a favorite. Than Rent and Les Mis, those are favorites and meaningful and this was my first time ever seeing Rent live, which was a 5 year wait since falling in love with it Fall 2012. Les Mis, while my 5th time, felt like I was seeing it for the first time because of a new cast, a touring production and was the 25th anniversary production so I was able to see a freshness to the show and because the 25th was more advanced than the West End production, I was able to find a new complexity to the show. I tried to get 500 followers by the end of 2017 but fell about 30 followers short so expanded the goal to end of school year. I hope to see at least one musical in 2018 and hope to add more spiritual posts to my blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay for live theatre! That is exciting that you got to see two shows that you love. Here’s to seeing more in the future!
      It is good to be able to be flexible with goals. We make goals to strive towards something, and it’s not the end of the world if we don’t reach our initial goal- we can just modify it or make a new one! (Honestly that concept is something I am working on- clearly I haven’t really accepted that or I wouldn’t be afraid of making goals. I’ll get there.) Best of luck with 2018, and thanks for sharing with me!


      1. Some people just don’t understand the power of live theatre. In live theatre, you never see the same show twice and in the musical world, emotions tend to be so much stronger live. When it comes to dance and spectacle, there is so much more excitement. Live theatre comes with that WOW factor. I cannot describe the power of live theatre that well.

        I am not flexible of a person. But glad I was able to expand that initial goal by end of 2017 to end of school year.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You never can see the same show twice. In a movie, it is always the same cast and same actions. But when its live, there are cast changes so it never is the same cast either and than if there is an understudy it is a different cast. Even emotions can run higher in a live performance. The actors and the audiences are feeding off of each other. I don’t know how to describe the power of live theatre, but I can feel it whenever I see a musical live

        Liked by 1 person

      3. It is so true! The experience is alive, instead of stagnant. It is not a recording of a previous event, it IS the event, happening right in the moment, and there is a significant difference.


      4. exactly why emotions can be higher. If it is a dance or spectacle number, it is more WOW than when you see dancing in a movie. There is a higher amount of joy and excitement when you hear it live. Even in a musical, the orchestra is alive as well. Everything is happening at that moment

        Liked by 1 person

  2. whAT I didn’t know niece/nephew lists were possible and my whole WORLD has opened up!!!!! Time to extend my family of book relatives!!!
    And you’re so right about Wonder Woman – Gal Gadot made the baseness of the plot not so bad.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha, ha, to be quite honest neither did I until the words came flying out of my keyboard. Surprise! But once it popped into my head it made perfect sense so I went with it. Thanks for reading!


  3. Hidden Figures is SO GOOD. Oooh, I want to see so many of the movies you watched, especially Dead Poets Society, Hacksaw Ridge, and Fantastic Beasts. I read the book The Queen of Katwe but haven’t seen the movie! AHH, you conquered writier’s block and finished your first draft!! That is SO EXCITING. Oh my goodness, thank YOU for being the best sponge!! 2017 was great! Blogging rocks. In 2018, I set the very important goal of watching all the important Marvel movies this year. P.S. I can’t wait to hear your opinions on pink leggings in movies and space-tea.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, watch all the movies! I was surprised by how much I liked Fantastic Beasts. I was sure it would disappoint me but the characters were all so lovable! Haha, yes, that is a worthy goal. πŸ˜‰ Most of the time my goals are about watching movies. I am glad you had a good year, and I hope your next year is marvelous.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Sherlock!!! Phantom! Aladdin!!! ANASTASIAAAAAA!! Enough said.
    I’m not a Harry Potter person but I LOVED Fantastic beasts so much. I may be slightly obsessed with it (particularly with Newt to be honest).
    I saw a school production of Aladdin, which my friends were in, years ago and I really liked it. It would be really cool to see it on Broadway. And Phantom on Broadway would be even more awesome.
    *hands you encouraging chocolate cake* You can write a novel! I believe in you!
    (P.S. I’m happy to see that you are being inclusive and diverse and welcoming all lobsters and miscellaneous crustaceans to your blog. I applaud you :P)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Such glorious stories!!! Give them all to me!!! Yes, Newt is amazing. And he dresses superbly. I adore his coat.
      THANK YOU FOR THE CHOCOLATE CAKE, MY FRIEND. I will use it to fuel my creative mind.
      (Thank you also for the applause. πŸ˜‰ )

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Yayy for epic recap posts!! And I think the thing I want to cheer most about is CONGRATS ON FINISHING YOUR DRAFT THAT IS AMAZING AND YOU DESERVE AT LEAST 9 CAKES FOR THAT!! *throws confetti and crumbs at you* And ooh so many movies! I’m actually not into Broadway so I shall stow my unintelligent opinion on that hahaha haha. Ahem. But I’ve watched a fair few TV shows that have been amazing (particularly Stranger Things omggg) and this reminds me I need to see Hidden Figures and The Great Gilly Hopkins. :O And I did discover a lot of new book-children, but my heart is easily won I think.πŸ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, shucks. Many thanks to you for wishing cake upon me! I am excited about my book and hopefully I can edit it someday so that other people will recognise it as a book instead of a literary crisis. Expect great things.
      Ah! Hidden Figures and The Great Gilly Hopkins are both SO GOOD. I have not watched Stranger Things because I think it might scare me. But I have heard a lot about how amazing it is.
      I am glad to hear that you have adopted many book-children last year! I am ridiculously hard to please. Sometimes I get frustrated with myself about that, but not enough to change my ways. What can I say, I am a picky pickle and I have to live with myself.


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