Interim: In Which I Give A Recapitulation Of July, Share My Childhood, And Reveal The Real Reason For Writing This Post

Greetings, gentle readers.

I suppose it is about time that I told you what has been happening in my life. (You may have no interest in the life of a literary-minded sponge, but this may be on an exam later, so you should thank me.)

This past month, (which was July, in case any of you are like me and are prone to forgetting details like that) I did a lot of blogging, reading, writing and movie watching.

My eyeballs are not very happy with me about this.

The sword in the stone


Of the probably too many movies I watched in July, I find two worthy of note. Firstly:

Arrival (2016)

The alien movie about linguistics.

I found this movie fascinating, though it was slow-moving and pretty heavy. It is science fiction presented so seriously that you almost forget that it’s not real. In that way it reminded me of The Martian.

Also I didn’t know that Amy Adams could do anything except make dresses out of curtains, so that was nice.


The Three Caballeros (1944)

Honestly I found this movie mostly boring, but my reasons for mentioning it are twofold.

Burrito Pablo

“The Flying Gauchito” had a burrito with wings, and “The Cold-Blooded Penguin” was narrated by Sterling Holloway. How could I resist?


I have no Broadway news to relate, but I thought we should take a moment of silence to mourn the fact that Broadway tickets cost about as much as a year’s worth of sandwiches.


I read a total of eleven published books, plus one that was unpublished.

The unpublished book was the best of the bunch. It was actually written by my very own younger sister, known in the blogging world as The Temperamental Writer. And she may be temperamental, but she is REALLY GOOD. (Hopefully I am not embarrassing her.)

The main character of her (yet untitled) book caused my heart to feel things and he was SO TROUBLED that I just wanted to give him a hug. When I finished it I genuinely wanted to freak out. It was the first time one of my sister’s books made me feel that way, and that made me want to freak out even more.

In comparison, the other books I read were kind of disappointing.

hound (3)

That said, I did enjoy them to some extent.

Belle Prater’s Boy (because of Gypsy’s suppressed horrors from early childhood; but this book also had parents that were jerks and kids who accepted it and this makes me ANGRY)

Into the Grey (because it was an interesting idea, but the ending was just….okay?)

Anything But Typical (because I liked the writing style, but nothing happened in this book; yes, I have the attention span of a fruit-fly)

The last two Enola Holmes Mysteries (because Enola is not totally irritating and the author employs the use of a plethora of large impressive sounding words, which I have a weakness for, but ENOLA’S MOTHER DRIVE ME TO DISTRACTION.)

The Book of Aron (because I like to read about troubled children with miserable lives… this is normal, right? But this book had about two lines of dialogue. So I struggled a bit.)

Challenger Deep (because the concept was fascinating and the formatting of the book was masterful, but I could still see room for improvement. I am a sour grape sometimes.)

The Wildwood Chronicles (because of the Mehlbergs, especially Curtis, but these books were WAY too long, and Curtis makes me SO ANGRY. I know I said he was my favorite part, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t drive me crazy.  Also there were five million characters. Why? I do not care about all of these people.)

Epitaph Road (because… um… did I enjoy this? Not really….There was approximately zero character development.)


I have been dealing with an array of intensely nasty Writer’s Blocks for a long time now, but this month I managed to smash them into manageable chunks, (with the aid of a Very Helpful Post by The Temperamental Writer) and thus I was able to climb trembling from the miry depths of despair and actually WRITE. During the month of July I wrote 16,000 words in one story, and for me that is practically unheard of. I am a sloth writer, remember.


July was my first full month of blogging, and I wrote eight blog posts.

I had twelve followers at the end of July. Now I have fifteen (I’m FAMOUS). I am exceedingly grateful to you, my friends!

And a very kind and friendly blogger named Sari at Penumbra Reviews mentioned me in a post, which caused me to die of shock.

And now we come to it.

I have been trying to keep my posts regular and frequent, and so far I have succeeded, but alas, this cannot go on much longer.

Starting on the 17th of August, things are going to change.

As it so happens, I am getting burned at the stake going back to college, and thus the majority of my time will be commandeered by death academic pursuits, and I will not have as much time for blogging.

Doc Brown


I WILL STILL BLOG. Do not fear. I know that you all need me and the world of blogging would come crashing down if my influence did not grace the internet. (Maybe this is a slight exaggeration, but ANYWAY…)

I will try to post about twice a month, instead of twice a week.

In Conclusion

There is only one thing left to say.

Thanks to YouTube, I have recently become reacquainted with the television shows of my childhood. And they are… amazing.

I leave you with a link to a video of groovy purple otters. What more could anyone need in life?

The Otter Dancing School

You’re welcome.

If you are in impatient coffee bean, just skip to about two minutes in, which is where the real action happens.

What happened to you in July? Did you have a month of disappointing reads, or did you discover your new favorite son? Did you make progress in your writing?  Did you conquer a small kingdom or just sit at home and eat biscuits?

6 thoughts on “Interim: In Which I Give A Recapitulation Of July, Share My Childhood, And Reveal The Real Reason For Writing This Post

  1. I didn’t know that The Temperamental Writer was your younger sister! 😀
    Congratulations on breaking through your writing block. I personally know how hard those can be …
    Good luck with getting burned at the stake *coughs* college that is. Try not to perish too terribly!
    I personally had a fairly productive July, though I mostly sat at home and ate biscuits. All the nearby small kingdoms had already been conquered and I didn’t want to bother conquering them against the others. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I have talented relatives.
      Thanks! I shall try to overcome my trials. *very pained and serious face*
      Staying home and eating biscuits is a truly agreeable thing. I usually prefer it to conquering kingdoms. I am glad you found time in the midst of your productivity for the comfort of a quiet snack at home!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have just discovered your blog and am enjoying it very much 🙂 Also…. I think I am rather obsessed by all the sponge references, which have been giving me mind pictures of little sea sponges reading books and the like, which has been quite hilarious. So, thanks for that!

    My July for writing has been very good (since you asked!) as I managed to finally finish editing a YA novel I wrote last year which I was so sick of I haven’t even been able to look at it for a year. So actually it was a huge accomplishment!
    Also, I started bookstagramming, which is a crazy new world I never even knew about, that I am now totally obsessed with. And I turned my blog live, so am a total newbie.

    And also…. I bought a ukulele? So that was weird.

    Thanks for your post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Golly, thanks for the compliments! I am glad I have given you amusing images of bookish sponges.
      That is fantastic that you edited a novel! I started editing one once, but got scared off. Perhaps I should tackle it again…
      I don’t really know much about bookstagramming, but it has “book” in the title so it sounds amazing. Congratulations on your discovery of it!
      You bought a ukulele? That is awesome. 🙂 I hope you find great enjoyment in that diminutive instrument.
      Thanks again for stopping by!


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